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I went from a BX-23 to a B3000 when I moved to a 18 acre property with a 1/4 mile steep gravel driveway. The BX was a very capable machine but using an open station tractor for snowblowing was worse than an arctic expedition (and I have a lot of experience above treeline in winter). The B3000 is an excellent machine for my use, as the cab heat and AC are amazing in their respective seasons. While a Grand L would be a great pick, I really needed the cab and the cost was reasonable. I got a BH-77 backhoe with it but since buying a mini-ex it feels like an archaic toy in comparison.

Good luck with your decision!
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I upgraded to an L3901 HST 2 years ago and am very pleased with the decision. I use a number of the implements you plan to with the exception of the BH. I too thought the BH would be a great idea, but ultimately realized I did not have enough tasks to warrant the cost. Glad I did not go that route as I switch out implements fairly frequently.

My unit is plenty heavy with loaded tires for the work I use it for. I have the R1 tires set at the widest setting and it makes a big difference in stability as when I took delivery, it was at the narrowest setting.

R1's will tear up our lawn and keep in mind the L3901 does not have a mid mower. Maybe keep the BX too :rolleyes:
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I am gonna go the other direction on this one and say get a B3350.

Almost all of your tasks, are yard-oriented type tasks where you want horsepower, but bulk and weight are a negative. Mowing, tilling, bushhog, wood chipper, etc.

Larger frame and weigh is what you need for ground engaging type stuff. Heavy digging with the FEL, pulling a plow or disc, excavation type work. Which you mentioned none of.

The 3350 will handle everything on your wish list. And even if you do spring for that backhoe, its still the BH77 that the L3301/3901 uses. So its not like getting one of those bigger machines allows you to get a bigger hoe. You have to jump to the grand L to get a bigger hoe. And the B series is a deluxe tractor with lots of nice features. The L series is a simple rugged economy tractor that lakes alot of the creature comforts.

Now if you had came on here and said you wanted to dig alot in the dirt, wanted a 6'+ tiller and 6' plus bushhog, and wanted to pull a 3-14 plow.....It would be the GL6060 that you were drooling over:drool:
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I've been looking at the Grand series. The HST+ does look nice. I really don't want to give up the BX2200, I am attached to it, especially being my first actual tractor and it's served me so well. Not to mention I know every little nook and cranny of it making repairs easy. It's going to be a hard deciding factor whether or not to keep my BX or trade it up. When I was on Kubota's website this morning fiddling, I can't believe how the prices add up so quickly.