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There could be numerous reasons why your 1700 starts real easy and why Gary's 4220D doesn't. Just be happy that your 1700 starts right up!!
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My YM2000 is the same. No Glow plug, Thermostart fuel cup or Block Heater and stays outside. At fires right up. Mid to low 40's It doesn't come right to life. I have a way to get fuel to my Thermostart and if I hook it up starts like a warm summer day in the 40's. I went out the other day and started it. It hit as soon as the Decompression was released but took a bit to come to life. I just wanted to put a good charge on the battery. At only 550 CCA. I'm amazed it lasted this many Yrs.... But I'm in Ga. and feel there would be no way it would last that long @550 up North. When it does go out Walmart has a 750 CCA that will fit but It's twice as much as their 550 CCA. But it may not fit. IMHO. any battery that last 10+ yrs. I feel you got your moneys worth.
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My 2210d starts right up even in the 30 degree temps, but my 155d takes a little more time. I am not worried though, they are diesels.