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Jul 2, 2023
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Got the kubota kool-aid from the jungle outfit.

Had to question, new grease from the dealer was red and way stickier, nothing like the black stuff I got.

Zerks are kinda off, electric green gun doesn't always play well w/offsets, a secondary issue to address.

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Lucas green heavy duty and a lock-n-lube tip on a pistol grip grease gun is what I use....;)
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lock-n-lube $25, I've seen it.

Maybe twist the zerks a bit too.

Rocket science I tellya ;)

I'll look at lucas, thx.
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OK. $35, I bit.

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Lever gun with a semi bent ridgid pipe. Very very early do I need to get the pistol grip flexible hose gun out. My hands are thanking me.
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I buy my grease in 120 pound open head drums and I only buy synthetic grease, not the black clay based crap. Only thing that stuff does is clog up zerk fittings. Like everything else in life, you always get what you pay for.

Additionally, with most quality grease couplers, you can loosen the collet end to release the coupler from a fitting if it don't want to come off. Cheap couplers are one piece. I bulk load my lever guns and they all have clear polycarbonate barrels on them so I can see when they are running low. Finally, I carry a lever gun in the tool boxes on each of my implements as well.

If I'm up near the shop, I'll use my air greaser but if not, I use a lever gun. I realize not everyone can afford an ARO air greaser but I can.
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My philosophy about grease in general is so long as it's not clay based, it's all good and far as Amsoil is concerned, if you want to pay for a name, have at it.