What's your favorite degreaser?

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Apr 19, 2019
New Holland WM25 with 200LC front end loader, filled R4 tires 43X16.00-20 and 25X8.50-14 (had a Kubota B6200D with dozer and R1 tires)
I was thinking of getting one of those plunger cans, to make it more convenient and spill proof to get some solvent on a rag or paper towel. But what degreaser to use? I find myself using toluene pretty often, or Goof-Off (which I think has a lot of toluene in it). But I'll sometimes use 91% isopropyl alcohol if I'm worried about damaging paint or plastic, or if the contamination is very light. I might use something more aggressive to prepare metal for painting. I used some paint thinner the other day, but it seemed to take such a long time to dry. And at work I used to use Zep Safety Solve, which was chlorinated and therefore not flammable.

What general purpose solvent do you like for working on your tractor? How about for other shop duties?

I'm tired of degreasing the FEL by leaning against it in a clean white shirt when we were just about to go out....
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CRC Brakleen in aerosol cans. Often local Dollar generals have it at a reasonable price. Back when I was working we used CRC Electraclean. Then they would only get the newer version which everyone hated. it left and oily film and didn't work very well.
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Naphtha and wd40 degreaser

Brakleen if I’m unconcerned about the finish.
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Brake clean is 99% acetone. But a gallon of acetone and save a bundle.
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Mineral spirits

Brake clean

Purple cleaner

First two I use the most. They don't freeze, brake clean is portable.
Purple cleaner is strong stuff and can be deluted from melting grease and etching aluminum power to general soap cleaning
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Petroleum Spirits (paint thinner), spray can of carb cleaner (careful around paint), GUNK foaming engine cleaner and Simple Green....... What I use depends of what needs to be cleaned....
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Brake clean is 99% acetone. But a gallon of acetone and save a bundle.
Not the stuff I buy called Brakleen in the red can. It's mostly tetrachloroethylene. I hope I got the name correct. It's non flammable.
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Depends on the brand what's in it, acetone is common though since it's a cheap industrial byproduct.