What's your favorite degreaser?

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For a degreaser I use B52 or Powerhouse. For a parts cleaner I use CRC Brakleen or Carb cleaner. For electrical parts I use CRC contact cleaner.
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My favorite spray on degreaser is Oxygen Orange from the Dollar Tree.

For wiping off excess grease I use dry paper towels. If I want to get it any cleaner I will use the above mentioned spray or sometimes I use WD 40.

For small cleaning that needs to be dry and oil free I use the red can brake clean or the walmart equivalent.

FYI 91% alcohol can damage some plastic. 70-73% is as strong as you want to use.
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What general purpose solvent do you like for working on your tractor? How about for other shop duties?
For removing grease I generally use diesel when I'm working on the tractor. Other shop duties there is an entire range - Kroil for really "frozen" stuff, PBlaster is always handy, WD40 to get rid of moisture.
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The old cleaning elixirs, like fuel additives, many to choose from.

I tend to use Berryman's carb dip in my heated ultrasonic cleaner (rinses with water), ZEP Purple Power and the cheapest auto parts store car wash in my foam cannon coupled to the end of my pressure washer which will run hot, cold and wet steam if I want to. Don't like putting chemicals through the pressure washer pump, hard on the ceramic pistons. A foam cannon is a much better alternative and cheap on Amazon (less than 15 bucks).
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That ozone destroying stuff has been banned out here. And don’t use it if you are welding as it produces phosgene gas which will kill you.
Thought products that convert to phosgene gas when exposed to welding have been outlawed by EPA... IF your cleaning product does not contain "chlorinated hydrocarbons" I believe it is safe to use around welding...
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The non chlorinated brake cleaner will destroy some rubber and plastics while the chlorinated brake cleaner doesn't. The non chlorinated brake cleaner will melt my nitrile gloves but the chlorinated brake cleaner does not so using it with care seems to be safer for me.