Which oil is better??

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occasionally when a thread becomes hateful & off subject, the overall moderator can delete the entire thread. don't like to see it fall to insults & lack of respect for different opinions, but feel this thread has reached that point.
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Yah, oil threads tend to go off-side quite easily. Everyone has their own favourites, experiences for sure. It’s important to “check your owners manual” for guidance, and take other’s opinions with a grain of salt. The recommendations, however, are usually minimum standards. Consumers are free to deviate as long as those minimum standards are met…
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Oil discussions become as bad as discussions on politics.🤣

Again for the record. I'm not an Amsoil dealer, nor do I own any Amsoil stock. 😂
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While we’re on the subject, what tractor tire is best. Are metal or plastic body panels best on a tractor? Are aluminum or cast iron rear ends better on a tractor?
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kenmac question

I have seen truckers run over 300,000 miles on
their oil using a toilet paper filter

A guy brought his truck in for an oil change and
when the truck was on the hoist pulled the plug
and no oil came out had to lower the truck run
it till it got hot then up and pulled the plug out
came ?? don't know what it was put it in a coffee
can and when cool you can set the can upside
down and nothing comes out. I though that it
was the honey additive he filled his truck up with

I have know people that never changed their oil
or filter and over 150,000 on regular oil!

all the above was regular oil so how much amsoil
would it have cost the truckers if they were using
amsoil for 300,000 miles????

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While we’re on the subject, what tractor tire is best. Are metal or plastic body panels best on a tractor? Are aluminum or cast iron rear ends better on a tractor?
Why be so limited. Lets go with which brand of tractor is best if using which brand of oil.
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Let me re-state the facts that got a couple of folks talking out their ......

I had a 1983 Nissan Maxima in 1985. Had a diesel engine. I installed a Frantz bypass filter. Never changed to factory oil filter after the first time. Sold the car with 365K miles to a friend who drove it a few more years. I changed the TP about every other weekend. It was a few minutes process since the filter was mounted on the fender well.

The Frantz filters use toilet paper as the filter media. I bought it by the case from restaurant supply stores because it was a courser paper. Frantz filters come in single stacks and triple stacks which were for over the road trucks and buses.

I have a couple of the Frantz filters and used them to filter used engine oil that was eventually diluted with diesel to burn in a 1986 F250. I dumped the used oil in a 55 gal barrel, then pumped the oil through the triple stacke,r then the single, then the truck. Truck had two fuel tanks. Front one was always on road diesel. Rear tank I used the filtered oil mixed with diesel and the mixture was determined by ambient temperature. I'd always start on the front tank, run for a few miles and then switch to the rear tank and run all day. Then switch back to the front tank coming home to get straight fuel back to the IP for easier starting the next time.

If diesel prices keep going up, may have to go back to the filtering method!
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Just a thought…You could always drive a little less…that would save fuel and extend your oil changes too. 😉
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D2Cat sound like using McDonald's cooking oils some
people were using only driving behind them you would
think there's a McDonald's near by

If anyone needs some T6 check your TSC as I just purchased
4 2.5 gallon jugs $59.95 each. $23.98 a gallon