Which oil is better??

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Just don't expect your tractors to start easily with 15w40 goo in the crankcase in the winter.
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Everyone is special tthese days, their tractors are different than other peoples, they use them harder, do more. Its a little liker the electric receptical, wonder how one guy can use 500 of the 49 cent ones and a part timer has all kinds of problems, his electricity is tougher, he uses more than the next guy, he needs multi wire in every box and needs every machine his 75 yr old butt gets to be "rebuildable" in 30 years, buys extra guts for his Snap ratchet , the list is long. He cuts a LOT of wood,,, almost 6 cords a year.
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Truth is most theior engines would still run if they never changed oil.
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Cougstajn: Why be so limited. Lets go with which brand of tractor is best if using which brand of oil.

Its the Pink tractor with the GREEN colored oil