Won't start after recharging battery

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Jump would be one way to zero in.
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My back hurts too much to jump.
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Check,charge,clean,tighten,test and jump. Might as well have the battery load tested. 🦜
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Here is my battery testing tools

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Here is my battery testing tools

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I have the same charger, and love it. I have been topping off my diesel transfer pump battery recently, and the charger has just started indicating the battery is "weak" based on whatever voltage, load, and charging data it's seeing. The battery was marginal when I took it out of the wife's car, but I'll use it up pumping fuel.
In addition to real load testers, I use a Midtronics electronic tester that is surprisingly accurate and is great for tracking the overall decline of battery capacity.
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Only the size of one's wallet and shop limit number of tools they could own. Very seldom do batteries pass tests using a multimeter and still fail a load test. Stated another way I often see battery testers recommended to people who don't know how to use a multimeter. I can only recall once in past 20 years having a battery fail load test after passing tests with multimeter. Point being a multimeter is used 1k times before a load tester is needed and a trip to parts store can handle that. Harbor Freight testers do the same thing as volt meter between posts of fully charged battery then attempting to crank.
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Well, i maintain some 300 generators, and i dont trust just checking voltage vs a load testing . I have seen batteries pass a voltage tester but fail under load testing. ive done side by side testing of carbon pyle testers vs the midtronics tester, and i rely on these tests, so as not to have units fail in dead of winter with utility power out.

i know, a voltage tester while turning over engine will also give a pretty accurate test, but if done in warm weather the engine will turn over alot easier than during winter. The midtronics can calculate available cold cranking amps remaining.

a carbon pule tester can vary amp load on battery to simulate winter starting. I generally use a 50% of listed CCA as passing score.
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At the Dealership it was required to Load Test any battery prior to replacing.

We would have Diesel where the battery would initially test good and then drop off into abyss

One was a Cadillac diesel the owner was having trouble starting in the morning but never when warm.

Charged battery and then did the crank load test and for the first 4-5 seconds measured good and then rapidly to zero... battery simply no longer had the necessary capacity.

Another was a 68 Mustang brought in and the owner was frustrated... had changed out battery twice plus cables and solenoid once.

I did load test and said battery is fine but car acted like weak battery.

Pulled the starter and the bronze pinion bushing from the end of the starter was missing...

The incredible amp draw of the binding starter mimiced a weak battery.

I bought the same Load Tester the Dealership had on the battery bench and it has served me well many decades...
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This is pile of dead batteries from last month, awaiting for exide to pick up.



this is their available replacements, plus 3 on service truck. I do get tired of storing them between pick up and delivery though. Dont like the mess nor the acid that results. I doubt i have a pair of work clothes that dont have acid holes.

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Yep...acid holes...

Still remember the first time I changed a battery at the dealership holding it close to my chest leaning over the bumper and grill of a 70 Buick.

My shirt was in tatters and I didn't even realize it until someone said is this how you come to work?

Back then a battery additive called VX6 was popular... I tried it once on a dead 6v battery and it worked...

Always wondered about that product but my guess is sealed batteries killed the market for it?



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