Won't start after recharging battery

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Tractor got left on and killed the battery. We recharged it and still only get a click at the starter. Battery shows 12.86 volts. Always started great before the battery died.

Any ideas? What can I test?
Try jumping with another (good) battery and if it still won't start and just "clicks" the problem is probably the solenoid.
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does your tractor have a computer? if so the dead battery may have whack it and causing a no start problem. is it a Kubota late model?
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One of the worst cars ever was Chevrolet Vegas sold in the early 70s. Many Vega engines were beyond repair before car was paid off. Bad doesn't commence to describe it's reputation. I took interest in a Vega at an impound auction in mid 80s. I was on pins and needles as I watched to see if other buyers (mostly wrecking yards) took an interest and to my delight noone even took time to walk over to it,much less walk around or raise the hood. Cars averaged $300 to $500 in those auctions. Bidding opened $200 where,,,,,,no bid,do I hear $100? Still no bid. $50 diddle diddle,I got $50 do I hear $60? And my hand went up. 70 where 70 once 70 twice,sold $60 bidder xx. I never turned a tap on it and sold that Cosworth for over $3k a few months later. Had it been a Nova or Camero performance small block I would have kept it.
I had a 71 vega in 1975. they were fun drivers but a bad design in the engine pistons and ring glands which made them oil burners
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Test the battery. Take it to O’Reily, Auto Zone, Advance all of them will test it.
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Connect a good battery direct to the starter, if it does not crank it is the starter
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A lot of good advice here. Checking the voltage is quick, easy, and mostly correct but as others have pointed out not a complete diagnosis. The side discussion of American muscle and near muscle made me smile. When I got out of the service in 1971 I worked as a line mechanic at the local Chevy (flat rate) dealership and I bought a brand new Vega(wait for it)GT. I am fond of saying “all education is expensive”.
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Had the same problem with my JD 4300, put a battery analyzer on it and when under load it dropped to about 9 volts, but showed a good 12v when not under load, new battery fixed the problem.
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Yup, thats why i take a battery analyzer and a carbon pyle tester with me in my service truck. Cant trust battery voltage to determine state of battery.
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Try a battery you know is good. Say the one in your car or truck. Also if you tried to start it with a low battery the starter may be stuck in. Roll the engine with the fan. This will usually let the starter disengage.
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Any ideas? What can I test?
1. Jump the + to the + on the solenoid - that should turn the engine over if teh starter works. (KEY OFF - so it doesn't start while your heads in the way of a ving part!) If it turns over, it is a connection from battery to Solenoid or a bad solenoid.

2. Pull the pickup truck and tray attaching Jumper Cables - if it turns over and starts, it is the battery.