Workmaster 75 Fuel/Power issues

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Feb 25, 2024
New Holland Workmaster 75
I recently began having problems with my Workmaster 75 feeling like it was down on power. It's mostly noticeable when I'm pulling equipment on on an incline. It has a hard time keeping up RPMs and if I'm in a higher gear range it really struggles. I contacted the dealer who came out and did a diagnostic check. The tech said it was the MPROP valve fault. His explanation is that it reached an overpressure fault on multiple occasions and the computer is basically limiting the amount of fuel pressure now. He suggested replacing the MPROP valve. This item is also referred to as the FCA (fuel control actuator). He said I could have them do the service but it would be very expensive. Has anyone encountered this problem and how much of a pain is it to replace? Thanks