XR4040H blowing fuel shut off fuse

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May 12, 2024
LS XR4040H
I have a 2015 XR4040H that's been a great unit for over 1000hrs. Recently it shut off right after starting. I found that the fuel shutoff fuse 10a and the engine controller fuse 10a were both blown. I replaced both and bothe blew again. If I replace the engine controller fuse and turn the key on the fuse doesn't blow but turn off the key replace the fuel shutoff fuse and turn the key on they both blow. I should also mention the glow plug light stays on all the time when the key is on even if the fuses are blown. Any ideas?
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There are lots of threads about bad grounds on the XR4xxx tractors, as well as wear spots for the wiring harness causing shorts, particularly around the radiator. Check along the harness, starting from the fuse box, and see if there are any worn spots. Probably a good idea to disconnect the battery so nothing arcs while your fingers are touching it. If you haven't already done it, unbolt all grounds to the frame, clean the connections, and re-seat. Electrical problems suck.
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Unplug your fuel shutoff solenoid and see if it still blows fuses, if it doesn't you've found your problem.
If it persists then start chasing the wiring.
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Instead of troubleshooting by blowing fuses you can replace the fuse with a twelve volt bulb on jumper wires. The bulb will limit current and serve as a tattle tale to when current is flowing. The current flowing will not be ten amps so your devices may not work but this trick may help track your problem.
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This is why I love this site. I read the OP, thought about all the possible/potential issues, kept reading and found almost exactly what I was going to recommend.

I hate electrical gremlins. And all the above advise is solid. I really don't have much to add, other than keep an eye out for rodents. They also love to chew through wires. Give the engine bay a good once over, looking for nests, chewed on wires, etc. Good luck and please keep us updated.