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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Was experiencing intermittent stalling. Run for some random period of time then engine would go into limp mode 1500 rpm but no code. Sometimes it would rev back to normal.
That progressed to going into limp then actually stall. Replaced my fuel filter, even got new sensor unit. Seemed to improve. But short lived
Today, added fuel, using a Mr Funnel, only about 3/4 full figuring I’d be taking a break shortly and would top off then. Had planned to mower 4-5 hours. Drove from tractorshed back to house for a quick pitstop, didn’t shut off tractor. When finished started up the drive and fuel indicator immediately drops to Empty and the fuel icon appears. Back tractor down to level spot, turn off, climb down to inspect, half expecting fuel to be gushing someplace. Nothing. Restart, still on Empty and icon. Up the drive and out the gate to mow. About hour later, tractor does the limp mode (no code) again a couple times. Then it starts stalling completely, but with Dash panel lights going crazy. Restarts, runs, repeats. Length of run time varies. Then in addition to panel lights, the Alarm chimes in, even continuing after key is in off position. About dozen iterations later, tractor is back in shed.

So, any thoughts. While I initial thought initially a fuel delivery problem, I’m now suspecting something electrical that is affecting fuel delivery.

Any thoughts?
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I had this same problem, only it was -9f out and my fuel was gelling. I don't think Hawaii is getting that cold.

This absolutely screams fuel delivery. And I think your on the right track with electrical. With your fuel gauge going wonky, might be your float. But I have not heard of the tractor going into limp mode with low fuel. Makes me lean towards fuel pump, but that wouldn't cause your gauge to go wonky, and the pump is mechanical.

I'm assuming you don't have codes, otherwise you would have listed them.

I'm not being much help here.

It's gotta be electrical. You have so many sensors in the fuel system. Faulty rail pressure sensor comes to mind too. Could be air entering the fuel system. Not much air would cause the engine to shut down and not start again though.... unless is so little and resealing... but limp mode? Nope, thats not it.

Looking at the book, pin 52 on the ECU wiring harness is the Low Fuel Level Switch signal wire. I'm thinking its either the wiring harness or the float.

You sir, have what Winston Churchill described as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

Please keep us updated.
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I'd start with the easiest and very common steps,
Remove all the ground connections, clean the surface with a wire brush, reattach ground wires.
Bad grounds can cause all kinds of weird issues.

Then if symptoms don't change or clear, start checking the fuel level/gauge system.
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I would start with a careful look at the wiring harness. so many random seemingly unrelated errors or symptoms would point to a large harness being damaged or pinched somewhere and shorting out. any rodents around?
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Thanks, guys

Really wish I did have a code, point me in right direction.

Checking harnesses, connections and grounds seem a good early approach. Need to research sensors related to fuel delivery.

Sadly, no longer have local dealer support. LS took dealership away from local where I bought and transfers it to dealer on Oahu. They don’t even have a sign out locally. I suspect I would have to pay for their tech to come over here. Guess at some point I’ll contact them again.
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Seems like some folks had the ECU harness rubbing on the radiator supports. At least I seem to remember a few post to that effect. Wire bundle tied to the support and rubbing on the bottom. Worth a look see I looked my XG over pretty good when I got it in an effort to prevent that.
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Wonder if an OBD scanner would help? Not that I have a clue which one works with XR4140.
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I also have a BlueDriver reader, and another reader for my Toyota that is standalone. Both do not work on these tractors. Only the ELM327 I have found to work. FYI.
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Thanks. I’m an IOS/Mac guy, no Android.
Was just reading the Bluedriver website.

Thinking hard about this one

But would like to see some feedback. Also something a bit less $$