Yanmar YM1700 (Green)?

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But I think the early ones - Revision Level - (blank) or Level 1, had a slip-in dipstick on the right side.

Or maybe this is a FrankensteinMar.
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rubber plug in base of block? :)
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I have no idea but this is what Hoye shows for the 1700. Yanmar Tractor Parts: DIPSTICK LUB. --- EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY ---

I did a little more research and I have a pdf parts manual for the 240. It shows an "old type" with the rubber plugged dipstick and the new type with the screw in dipstick. So I guess it depends on which one you have.

A little more evidence. http://www.stevenstractor.com/parts/compacts/yanmar/engine-parts/oil-dipstick-1.html and http://www.stevenstractor.com/parts/compacts/yanmar/engine-parts/oil-dipstick.html
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To have built up enough back pressure to blow the dipstick wouldn't the vent have to be clogged/plugged? and it seems to me that the engine would have had difficulties cranking over, unless of course it was being started in decompression mode.
Incidentally: my old Kubota had this type of Dipstick, These type eliminates the confusion as to whether it needs to be screwed all the way in or not? when checking the oil level;)

BTW, I zoomed in the photo and could see the original Green in places as California stated, especially on the wheels, and around the hood area etc,etc, So yes it was a re-paint ... I also notice there were no lights on the fenders,
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My Parts Manual. When I change my Oil I insert it to the Threads and it shows up on the Hatch Marks Full at 5qts.


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Maybe some of the YM1700's were that darker green.

Here's a CL listing for a YM1700 with darker green hood that looks original, with original decal, while the rest of the tractor is lighter green. (flawless so likely repainted). Maybe he combined two tractors?

Yanmar tractor diesel

He wants only $1500 in claimed excellent condition. There's not much population up in that corner of the state so I think that's lower than what it would go for, nearer civilization.
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Is this Orig. it maybe but not
sure about it but looks to be Blk. Yanmar 1700