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Jan 9, 2007
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Good day. I'm struggling setting valves.
I had set them and they would close over the next few mows. I have ordered new bolts and and nuts to see if that will help.

One Valve 1, I was having problem with getting any gap on the exhaust valve. I noticed some type of ring (1/2" ring similar that is used to hold our traditional key ring) that was inside the spring and around the valve stem.

I took off the spring and have taken the ring up to my JD dealer. The parts guy and a farm & garden machines mechanic looked at it and said they had no ideal where it came from. From the drawings of the pieces on the valve stem there was nothing that looked like it came from any of the parts. I left the mistery part with the dealer to see if the could figure it out.

The mechanic said that I could put it back together or it might be a good idea to take the head off. The head r&r is likely a 5 hour job for me. I've attached a picture of the exhaust valve stem, the mechanc thought it looked fine.

What would you do? Put it back together or remove the head?


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My first thought about that ring was part of the valve seal. And that valve guide looks really far into the head like it has migrated towards the valve head.

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Sorry I can’t answer your question but I have one. Where did all those gouges come from?

Those gouges don't look good and might be indicative of hammer mechanic methods by some past owner? That might help explain the current issues. A mistery for sure.
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How may hours on the motor and did you change the oil and filter in a timely manner? Those engines are noted for eating camshafts btw.