Toro’s XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Spring 2012) – It seems almost everyone has a smart phone these days. Drivers are shifting into smarter, more efficient vehicles. Even our homes are incorporating smart grid technology. Why not our lawns? Toro’s new XTRA SMART™ Precision™ Soil Sensor gives your yard the brains it needs to save water and money.

Utilizing the same commercial-grade sensing technology found at world-class stadiums and golf courses, the Toro XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor turns almost any sprinkler system into a smart sprinkler system.

“We’ve taken the same technology found at professional golf courses and sports fields across America – and created a sensor intended for residential use,” said Laura Lopez, senior channel manager for Toro Irrigation.

The XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor is a two-part system – a battery-powered wireless moisture sensor that is installed in your lawn, as well as a receiver that is connected to your sprinkler timer.

When used in conjunction with a pre-set watering schedule, homeowners can save up to 35% on their annual water bill because they only water when the soil needs it – no more, no less. (Based on Smart Applications for Watering Technology case study “Wednesday is NOT a Good Reason to Irrigate” conducted in Moreno Valley, CA.)

“Saving homeowners money on their water bills is where the real value lies in the XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor,” said Lopez. “With water resources being closely monitored by municipalities across the country, the timing for this product has never been better. We want to make sure every lawn isn’t just a beautiful lawn, but a WaterSmart™ lawn as well.”

This new technology makes monitoring your soil moisture levels effortless. By automatically calculating field capacity – or the amount of moisture the soil can hold – homeowners can deliver water to their lawns only when the soil moisture level dips below a desired level.

There are five benefits that make this product useful to every home with an in-ground sprinkler system:

Compatibility – The XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor’s receiver can be connected to most sprinkler timers, even non-Toro brands.
No Digging Required – Utilizing wireless technology, the sensor communicates soil data to your sprinkler timer up to 500-feet, line of sight. No need to bury sensors, wires or cables.
Automatic Calibration – the sensor automatically detects your soil type, relaying that information to the receiver. No confusing calculations or guesswork required for setup.
Low Profile
– The sensor is just 3/4-inches high once installed in your turf; there is no need to remove it during mowing.
Freeze Protection – Toro’s proprietary freeze sensor prevents your sprinklers from turning on when the temperatures approach freezing preventing slick, dangerous walkways and damage to plants.

Installing the XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor is a simple four step process:

Connect the receiver to your irrigation timer. The Precision Soil Sensor is compatible with nearly every controller on the market.
Open the sensor and install three ‘AA’ batteries. You can expect a 2-3 year lifespan with standard batteries, extended life for lithium-ion batteries.
Place the sensor in a part of your lawn that is representative of the moisture level of your yard. The wireless signal has a range of up to 500′, line of sight.
Check signal strength using the multi-colored LED light on the sensor. Green signifies a strong signal, while red shows a weak signal.

The new Toro XTRA SMART Precision Soil Sensor is the only long-range wireless soil moisture sensor available on the retail market today. With a suggested retail of $139.99 USD, this is one of the smartest investments you can make in your sprinkler system. For additional savings, check with your local water agency for any qualifying rebates. Get yours today at or Orchard Supply Hardware&trade:, Ace® Hardware and at select The Home Depot stores.

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