New Member Spotlight: HybridVigor

HybridVigor's Oliver 70 towing a hay wagon.
HybridVigor’s Oliver 70 towing a hay wagon.

Username: HybridVigor
Join Date: January 27, 2015
Tractor: Kubota BX2350, Oliver 70
Location: York, PA

HybridVigor recently joined TractorByNet after finding a good deal on a used Kubota BX2350. Here’s what he had to say about his purchase:

So the wife and I bought a small farm about a year ago and since then I’ve had my eyes peeled for a deal in the neighborhood. I stalked eBay and Craigslist like it was my job for about six months and even went to a big equipment auction. Nothing felt quite right partly because I wasn’t sure I wanted a SCUT or a zero turn. After passing up or missing a few deals I kicked myself over I finally bit on one.

I found a BX2350 on Craigslist with a FEL, 60″ deck, and power angle blade with quick hitch listed for $7500. I knew that seemed like a great deal. Talked to the wife and then called right away. I was the first caller, but the next guy offered 8k which the seller allowed me to match. I still felt that was fair and brought her home tonight.

The biggest dings are the typical cracked plastic hood and floor. Nothing major. Unfortunately it was stored outside for some time, but it appears to only have 421 hrs. (That silly LED is nigh impossible to read and reading between the lines I didn’t press the very nice woman who was clearly selling a machine she owned but didn’t know much about)

HybridVigor's Kubota BX2350
HybridVigor’s Kubota BX2350

We wish HybridVigor the best of luck with his new (used) Kubota!


  • Lucky you HybridVigor!
    I bought a Kubota ST30( I don’t think they were sold in the USA!).
    Tried it out at home first with grader blade on our drive. Great everything worked as expected! On the third day I started to finish the job got to the top of the drive and fumes started to pour out around the deck cowling.I only had time to reverse 5 metres off the drive and flames were a meter high!! Collected fire extinguishers from garage which just about put the highly toxic blaze out. A bucket of water finally did the job. I have never been so frightened before in my life. Bit of a blow!

  • I have a 2350 too. Kubota has a fix for the cracked floorboard. I got mine fixed under warranty, which may not work for you, but it may be worth looking into. it would be better than the entire floorboard failing sometime in the future

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