New Holland Announces New Flexi-Coil P Series Air Carts

New Holland P4950 Air Cart
New Holland P4950 Air Cart

New Holland, PA. (January 13, 2015) – The Flexi-Coil® P Series air carts from New Holland set a new standard for accurate, reliable air seeding delivery. Redesigned from the ground up, these new air carts have an unprecedented number of patent-pending features that provide advantages that increase return on investment.

“The P Series air carts are a fresh example of Flexi-Coil’s long-standing heritage of innovation,” says Jason Hardy, New Holland Crop Production Marketing Manager. “Our product design team conducted extensive research with customers to make sure the P Series met their wants and needs. The result is an air cart that sets a new standard in seeding and application accuracy, reliability and efficiency.”

Industry-leading distribution system for unmatched accuracy
With primary product division at the meter box, and secondary division on the drill, the Flexi-Coil system provides unmatched accuracy and the preferred delivery system for air cart applications.

Blending flexibility: distribute or combine any tank to any run
The P Series air cart provides the ability to apply seed, fertilizer or granular products in a single pass. Each primary run on the IntelliRateModular Metering System (IMMS) operates using patented, independent, 24-volt electric-drive motors with integrated controls that provide the flexibility to accurately apply product in either single-shoot or double-shoot applications. This modular system can distribute and combine any tank to any primary run.

Larger drills and higher rates call for more air. The IMMS, combined with dual product fans, raise this bar to a new level with unmatched accuracy and capacity. The choice of application rates has been expanded, so growers have the flexibility to set the ideal match for their needs both today and in the future.

IntelliView™ IV plug and play: takes the guesswork out of rate setting
Despite the technological advance of this air cart, the user interface is now simplier.

The IntelliView™ IV touchscreen display provides advanced monitoring and control, with even faster processing power. It takes the guesswork out of rate setting and allows for easy on-the-go changes. The task controller is built right into the display. Operators can load prescription maps and transfer data in and out of the monitor using the USB.

For maximum precision, application rates can be varied using pre-loaded prescription maps to better manage field variability. GPS position is communicated to the rate controller which varies application rates by zone, based on the prescription map.

Accurate sectional control option: eliminates double applications of seed and fertilizer
The P Series IntelliRate™ sectional control option has the ablity to individually control up to 10 sections of the air drill to eliminate double applications of seed and fertilizer. With PLM™ (Precision Land Management) auto-guidance, the system turns off air drill sections automatically in areas that have already been covered, or at headland turns, point rows, waterways, and terraces.

EZ Flow headers: gentle seed handling can increase yields
Extensive research in delivery system airflow means the product is delivered efficiently, gently and accurately. EZ Flow distribution headers can significantly increase yields by providing accurate product flow and gentle seed handling, guiding seeds through primary and secondary lines and reducing seed cracking or scarring for better germination and higher yields. The IMMS system adjusts rates on individual runs to match the number of ports for each separate header.

Seven models, multiple configurations, huge grain tanks up to 950 bushels
There are seven models in the new P Series with a choice of two-, three- or four-tank models, and the option to select tow-between or tow-behind implement configurations. Huge grain tanks, with capacities up to 950 bushels, mean fewer stops to get the job done faster.


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