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    Default Radio Installation - JD5220 Cab

    I obtained a nice 5220 with a cab this week but the radio was not installed at the original purchase. I have read the two threads that say a regular auto DIN 1 radio will work so I don't have to shell out $700 to JD Parts for an overpriced Delco unit. I'm a little unclear on the wiring connections. I would assume that with a tech sheet on the cab wiring harness, a set of wire cutters and some wire connectors that I could bypass the connectors on the harness and the radio and bug the correct wires together to make the radio functional. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Your experience would be helpful. Also, do you really need an exterior or could one be connected to the rear of the radio and left in the radio box? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Radio Installation - JD5220 Cab

    If the speakers are already installed you won't need wire cutters.

    Crimp faston connectors to the new radio plug wire ends. Push the fastons into the JD plugs per wiring diagram.

    I would add an external rubber ducky antenna (mounted mine to exterior mirror post)

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    Default Re: Radio Installation - JD5220 Cab

    Here is the color code and JD adheres to this (at least on my 5525). There is a company online that sells jumper wires that match the JD connector and the radio......just plug and go EXCEPT most radios now have 4 speakers and the JD only comes with 2 speakers......I just wired the 2 left fm the radio to the left JD spk and 2 right outputs to the right spk. My 5525 came with the antenna wired. Look at Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. and they should have everything you need .........although the radios are cheaper at WalMart. Hope this helps.

    EIA color code Wire color - Wire function

    Black - Vehicle Ground (12V-)
    Yellow - Battery/ Constant (12V+)
    Red - Ignition/ Switched (12V+)
    Orange - Illumination/Dimmer

    Blue - Power Antenna
    Blue/White - Remote Turn On (12V+)

    Gray - Right Front Speaker Positive (RF+)
    Gray/Black - Right Front Speaker Negative (RF-)

    Green - Left Rear Speaker Positive (LR+)
    Green/Black - Left Rear Speaker Negative (LR-)

    Violet - Right Rear Speaker Positive (RR+)
    Violet/Black - Right Rear Speaker Negative (RR-)

    White - Left Front Speaker Positive (LF+)
    White/Black - Left Front Speaker Negative (LF-)

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