Tractors in Trouble

Drew Tyson
By Drew Tyson March 30, 2018 10:00

One thing that has made tractors as popular as they are is that they seem to be unstoppable, operating in all situations. When other vehicles can’t get started, or get stuck, tractors seem to be able to slog through and soldier on. This makes them the perfect tool for rescuing other vehicles from rough spots, pulling them out of mud and other bad spots.

Updated March 30, 2018 with even more tractors in even deeper trouble!

stuck in the mud




This is what happens when you get 3″ of rain and the ground softens up. Congratulations to Sasquatch4100, and his best friend, on getting out of this one.


EddieWalker doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting stuck. I guess he had to use his tractor to rescue this tractor rescue unit that got in a little too deep.



AMG280’s BX2680’s tires are so caked up you can’t even see the tread… which is probably part of why he’s stuck!


JJCC246 doesn’t need to worry about a step up to climb on his Ford… at least not until this situation is resolved!


Rhino stuck winter 2014

ArlyA posted this one… yep, Michigan winters will do that to ya.



Ashwood486 took his B21 to the limit on this job. Another bowl of mud soup, please!



Member Hillbilly in Barriere, BC got his Massey Ferguson in a bit of a mess!


Thomas in New Hampshire kept spinning his wheels and eventually needed help to escape the mud.



Not a tractor, but CobyRupert in NY probably needed one to get his ATV out of this mess!


Yep, this one is stuck alright. Member foggy1111 spun his wheels a little too much and now needs help with the tractor rescue operation.



When you get your New Holland tractor stuck like member McCaskey did, it is handy to have a track loader at the ready  so you can get back to work ASV—err, ASAP.



Not sure what to say about this one other than even a Case 430 track loader can get stuck if you drive it into a pool of mud.


Member IndustrialToys had a full load in his trailer, and eventually the soft Canada ground gave way to the weight, resulting in his entire rig needing some help to get unsuck.


Sunk Tractor 3

40_acre_mule and his Kubota encountered a mud puddle and things didn’t go according to plan.


It’s always nice to have two tractors – when dogdoc1 got his Ford stuck while mowing, he was able to get his wife to bring their Kubota down for a rescue.


ATV Doesn’t Always Mean All Terrain

happy gilmore

RTVs are handy, up until they get bogged down up to the tops of their tires in mud. Happy Gilmore had to use his Ford 3930 to pull his Kubota RTV out after he got a bit overconfident.

On the CASE

papa lar

Komatsu dozers don’t usually get stuck easily. The good news is, Papa Lar had his Case 830 on hand and yanked the dozer out quite fast.


Two Kubotas are Better than One

General Lee

This isn’t a Kubota tug-of-war – it’s General Lee rescuing his older Kubota B7100 from a bad situation, using his Kubota B3200.

Oh Deere


Sometimes it isn’t getting stuck in the mud that requires a helping hand. DanD78 used his larger Deere to help right the small Deere that had rolled over on its side while mowing across an incline – a great reminder of why you should always mow up and down an incline when possible.


Daisy Chain


First the truck got stuck, and when mattridessleds tried to pull it out with his Case, it got stuck in between gears. Thankfully, tractor owners help out tractor owners, and his neighbor came by with his Massey 165 to rescue both the truck and the tractor.


Cat Power


Sometimes, the rescue needs to be carried out by something with a little more pulling power – TheHardWay had to have his Deere pulled out by a Cat backhoe.




How do you get a good-sized wheel loader unstuck? User xryan was the one needing rescued, good thing one of his neighbors had an unstoppable New Holland T9 on hand, and pulled the 55,000-pounds Hyundai clear with no effort.


Big trouble here… rented this dozer and the conditions got a little, um, shall we say “moist?” But no problem, just get something bigger to “unstuck” the dozer, right?


Wrong. This is the massive excavator brought in to get the dozer out of the mud. Now what? Yep, you guessed it.. bring another trackhoe in!

Drew Tyson
By Drew Tyson March 30, 2018 10:00
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  1. HAR August 29, 11:46

    I can see where this will yield a bunch of interesting photos. While I do not keep a camera with me, I have been called to rescue people using what I had at the time. Once I pulled a Ford Bronco from a wet field with my little Case 446 Garden Tractor and used it to rescue another Case Agri-King 1270 that could not get traction on ice. My 446 had chains, and I was on firm ground and was able to give just enough pull that we got the bigger tractor to solid ground. Now that I purchased my Kubota B7300, I seem to be the go to person for stuck vehicles in the neighborhood, pulling 4x4s out that have gotten into deep trouble, and other cars/trucks that get just a bit off the beaten path. I now keep the clevis and chain handy all the time.

  2. Don August 29, 12:05

    When I was a kid we went riding on an old logging road around the farm with my dad. As we went across the creek it started to dig into the mud and we were stuck. Dad was trying everything to free us and I asked if he wanted me to get the old Scout and try it. He said that with the slipping clutch and only being two wheel drive it probably wouldn’t help. The clutch was so bad that if the pasture got too steep, we’d have to turn across to get up the hill. After several more tries and being out of options he finally told me to go get it. Long story short, sometimes it doesn’t take much… just enough. A little tension on the chain and it walked itself right out. Good memory.

  3. Daniel August 29, 12:40

    I got my kubota stuck clearing brush on a downhill slope. Couldnt back up! My neighbor worked at local bobcat dealership and had a small excavator on his vacant lot he was clearing. He told me i could use it anytime so i did to pull out my tractor! He just happened to show up after i pulled it out. A few years later at local farm show the bobcat booth guys reminded me of the incident! Guess he went back and told his coworkers my mishap!

  4. Pappy August 29, 12:41

    My picture isn’t there. But it sure could be, I mow a wet meadow and get my Kobota stuck often.

  5. jluke August 29, 14:45

    I have done this hogging 4 times,,as soon as I loose traction I remove hog, pull ahead to good ground wrap a chain to hog and pull it to dry,,then reattach and go,,pain in the ass but it sure saves time i/2 mile from the homestead

  6. john22015 August 29, 15:15

    Great pictures. Embarrassing situations but “tractors to the rescue.” Thanks for sharing.

  7. cat4real August 29, 16:34

    while watching these rescue images I thought how lucky I am to have two virtually unstuckable vehicles, a Goldoni Universal 224 and, even more unstuckable, a Kobelco SK30UR which can unstuck itself despite old rubber tracks from anywhere.

  8. CupOcoffee August 29, 18:32

    I’m glad to see I am not the only one. I have had my 60 year old Ford 850 stuck, or bottomed out, on multiple occasions over the past 40 years. My 85 year old neighbor used to get a kick out of telling me how he always had to use his Massey Ferguson to pull out my Ford. I bought a new JD 3038D this year and yep, you guessed it, got stuck twice with 4WD. I managed to get unstuck both times with a little ingenuity. I love both tractors. There is one thing certain, the old Ford will still be running in 60 more years. I am not sure about the JD.

  9. dave4 August 29, 21:03

    Looks like I’m not the only one, happens late winter and spring around here, will put a counterweight behind the 165’s rear wheels for next season’s hay.

  10. Earlyjazz August 30, 05:26

    My Kabota 4WD got stuck in a mud bath! I extracted it using my Volkswagen Touarag AWD which also serves as a very able (7700lbs) tow vehicle for my tractor on its flat bed trailer. Hardly aware that it’s towing anything!

  11. electricapplejuice August 30, 14:16

    In 1948, my Uncle Hank, tiring of farming with horses & having been an acft. mechanic in WW-II, came back from town with a Farmall H (still had it in 2009). Bragging it up to Grandpa, he was pretty full of himself until it got STUCK… then my ol’ Czech grandpa had to get the “team” to pull it out. Grandpa NEVER let him forget it. So much for the industrial revolution.


  12. Fordnut August 30, 14:51

    Roll me over and lay me down John Deere!

  13. mark turik August 31, 02:21

    what happens when my only kubota get stuck? well you better have a good front end loader or nice walking boots

  14. I'm on the Case February 21, 12:40

    I see a clean bucket !!
    I got into a similar situation once and I used the front end loader bucket to push me out of a very sticky situation. It was slow progress but it worked!

  15. Bobd February 21, 12:50

    Great article. We’ve all been there. I flipped my B7200 compact tractor on its side on a rut filled hill after working all day on tornado cleanup. The group of women that I was working with were tired and wanted to go home. They said do you think we can flip it back up? I started thinking about the weight, but before I could they grabbed it and flipped it back on its wheels. Moral of the story if they want to go you should go. LOL.

  16. kennethbermudez February 21, 13:07

    When mine starts to go down in mush, I stop, unhook the box blade or culivator… before it is impossible to unhook, then I can usually drive it out without assistance. But the other day I needed assistance from my 25 hp mower even after unhooking. Talking about liquification of soil from to much water.

  17. Topbuilder February 21, 13:50

    If you have not stuck your tractor, you are not working hard enough…

  18. wi4x4man February 21, 14:02

    Oh how I wish I had pictures of my efforts to get a rogue round bale from the swamp.

    I had just gotten done custom baling for my neighbor down the road when I found out that he lost one of the bales in the swamp. A 1200 lbs bale on a tractor that weighs about 3000 lbs isn’t a good thing, and he nearly lost everything when it started to tip sideways So, figuring I could get it out with the hoe, I went down the very steep embankment towards the swamp. Plucked out the bale with the spears on the front of my Case 580B hoe, and down went the front end. Up until that time, the past 24 years never saw the hoe stuck, even when I had to crawl it through swamps, I never got her stuck where I needed help… I broke the streak. That thing was so damned buried!

    Ended up calling a buddy of mine to help me out. I brought the old Deere 4020 and he had a tow rope that was about 2″ thick. Ended up stuffing logs under the tires, and with the 4020 high on the hill (about a 50 foot embankment at a 50% slope) we were able to snatch it out.

    And I would be damned if I was going to leave that round bale down there after all of that, so we snatched it up too. Oh what a mess it was!!!

  19. James February 21, 16:15

    I have gotten my Mahindra 6000 FWD stuck a number of times. I carry enough chains so that I can wrap a chain around the loader bucket, hook the other end to a tree, curl the bucket, move forward, re-curl the bucket, take the slack out of the chains, and do it again. IT SEEMS TO WORKS, BUT BE SAFE IN WHATEVER YOU DO

  20. DrLewie February 21, 17:05

    And this is why I don’t do any mowing until the ground is dry…like in July. And I also stay off my septic leech field.

  21. kgoldsm732 February 21, 17:23

    Mmmm, no Mahindra’s!!

  22. Buzz February 21, 19:52

    That sinking feeling then spending hours getting it out memories good to see pictures of others,,,in front of our cosy fire thank you for pictures, Last time I got stuck used a winch it was brilliant, sadly forgot to photo! to busy!!!!

  23. Ward February 22, 04:53

    WWII era. Camp Blanding, Florida. Much work being done with anything that would move. My dad saw a Caterpillar track dozer parked on “solid” ground after a day of hard work. The next morning the only thing that could be seen was the exhaust pipe. Within an hour that was gone too. It had slowly sunk in what turned out to be very deep and very soft mud under a hard crust. They never got that one out.

  24. LarryB February 22, 05:01

    Remember burying a Ford 400 and having to cut a tree to chain across the rear chevrons and back it down into the dirt to climb out on. Dangerous proposition, but it works.

  25. Harried Harry February 26, 05:53

    I have a Case IH 24D compact tractor. A couple of years ago I was moving dirt and using the bucket to flatten the weeds on the irrigation ditch behind my back fence. I got too close to the fence and the wheels dropped off the berm which was two feet above the yard level. The tractor rolled over but a 4×4 post was leaned against the fence and the bucket arm wedged against it. A friend came over and we used his truck and two come-alongs to level the tractor and then pull it up on level ground. I’ve got a picture of the wedged tractor which I use to remind myself to watch the edges.

  26. Ed March 30, 23:20

    Using any tool or piece of equipment , one needs to be able to anticipate so many possibilities. That is why so many people get injured when not using their brain . That’s why so many young adults lose their lives , not realizing the consequences of their actions .

  27. hkstwn7 March 30, 23:51

    These guys spent a bundle needlessly. Best to hire someone who know what he is doing.

  28. Mike March 31, 03:38

    Got my Mahindra stuck this winter while using it to plow snow. I was using the bucket and the back blade to move snow toward the dead end of our driveway. I ended up collecting too much snow under the back blade and the tractor ended up high centered on a mound of slush. It took about an hour of shoveling to the point where I was able to rock it back and forth about a hundred times before it finally got enough traction to clear itself. Hard to do with a gear drive tractor.

  29. longmtnmanm March 31, 12:11

    I stuck my MF 235 to the belly bush hogging in a swampy spot. Dug out enough to chain a 4X4 to the tires wrapping the chain through the slots in the wheel. Moved forward a foot or so and hopped off to move the 4X4. I was happy until I was sprayed with fluid from one wheel. In the haste and mud, I had put the chain through the slot that had the valve stem and sheared it off flush with the wheel. I quickly cut a small tree branch and jammed it into the leaking wheel and was able to get the tractor out and to solid ground to take the wheel off. I have not bush hogged that spot in 20 years…

  30. NewToy March 31, 12:27

    Heckuva photo lineup. I have way too much pride to get myself caught in a trap like that. It would never happen, no how, no way!
    I would never take a picture of myself getting stuck and then it must mean I never got stuck?
    Anyhow, that is my position, officially!
    Thanks for your pic’s guys. I guess the lesser tractoring abilities you have the more you are willing to flame yourself. I think I would rather have some nude pics of myself floating around the web than I would have a photo putting my tractor drivin’ ineptitude on full display.

  31. Trap March 31, 15:45

    Seeing this urges me to tell everyone to be careful! My 80 year old neighbor lost his life last week while working on one of his antique tractors. We don’t (and never will) know exactly how it took place, but he wound up under the rear wheel while the tractor was in gear……

    The tractor’s rear wheel was in contact with a very dry stack of firewood & also caught the wood, attached garage, as well as the tractor on fire. Neil died pinned under that tractor that was on fire…..

    Neil grew up on the farm & had been around tractors all his 80 years…. Sorry to throw a wet blanket over a little light hearted fun, but please be careful out there!

  32. JerryA March 31, 18:42

    When I first started my own business back in 1972 I was digging test holes for a septic design out in the woods, with an old 1958 case back-hoe in the early Spring. I was doing fine, digging 10′ -12′ test holes & then the engineer (who failed to tell me they had dug in the same area the preceding Fall) asked me to move the machine to dig one more hole. Well, that machine went down in what was like quicksand. I never thought you could get a Back-hoe stuck like that, the floor of the machine was buried. Every time I tried to dig myself out, the machine sank more. Luckily there was a big oak tree about 20′ away, so I hooked up a chain that I always carried with me (for this reason) & slowly pulled myself out with the back-hoe attachment. I swear, that machine would have sat there till summer if it weren’t for that mighty oak. Now I have a big JD Excavator that could just pick up that old back-hoe.

  33. wheelman871 April 2, 16:09

    I hd a 69 f800 Ford with a 22 foot tilt and slide body with a weak vane, not gear powered winch. It was hot as hades on a sunday afternoon when a local cranberry grower, who had borrowed a 644 john deere loader came to my house in distress. He had sunk this guy”s loader in the mud and it was high centered. I told him no way could I do any thing for him but he was desperate! so we went to my shop and got a chainsaw, 8 pulleys or so, and lotsa chains. I had 140 foot of cable on the winch so I set up from the truck to the machine to pulleys to trees on either side of the truck using most of the cable, then we cut logs and wrestled them under the bucket and lifted up the loader so we could get more logs uder the center of the machine then we put logs long way to the base of a concrete flume to the bucket, as I winced he curled the bucket inch by inch keeping pressure on the bucket it moved maybe 6 inches a minute and I kept resetting the pulleys and moving the truck and eventually made miracles happen right after that I got a gear pump off a td 20 international and made brackets to mount it to power the winch. I”ll tell you any Egyptian would have been proud of us to move a sunk 26000 lb. loader with a 14000 lb gas job truck but every pully doubled the strength of the winch and reduced the speed by 50% a slow winch is a powerful winch and invention is the mother of necessity!

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