Good Used Tractors Under $10,000: 2022 Edition

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A “good” used tractor for under $10,000, you say? This might sound like a tall order (or impossible to some), but we like a good challenge. After putting together a list of small tractors you can find for less than $5,000 last year, assembling a list of $10,000 tractors seemed like an easy task.

Many tractor buyers are willing to shop for used equipment if it means getting more bang for the buck, and finding a tractor that still has a lot of life left in it. Fortunately most tractors are built to last and even with a lot of hours on the meter, tractors can last for generations. There’s no better proof of this than the old iron you can find still running strong, more than a generation after being put in service. Most diesel engines are very durable and can run for thousands of hours with proper maintenance.

With market conditions softening ever so slightly in the middle of 2022 thanks to higher interest rates, we’re hoping that tractor buyers can find some better machines at a reasonable price than they could a year ago. Those looking to stretch their dollars as far as possible will be looking to the used market for a good machine at a price they can afford.

For this list, we took a few things into consideration when searching for good used tractors under $10,000. Not only was a limited budget a factor, but finding machines that can provide versatility and many more years of use was just as important.

We also tried to pull together a list of machines that is diverse, so no matter the type of machine you’re looking for, we’ve got a suggestion for a used tractor under $10,000 that can fit your needs. Some are 2WD, some are 4WD, some have attachments, some don’t.

Where to find good used tractors

When you’re looking for a deal, you need to have the mindset of a blood hound: search far and wide and be a very picky buyer (but not a cheapskate, or you’ll miss out on a good machine).

The internet is your primary source of finding tractors, though never underestimate the good old “for sale” sign on a tractor you see while driving around. You might find a quality machine, or a good deal (or maybe even both) if you find a machine that isn’t listed on the internet.

But assuming you’re searching online, some good sources for used equipment are: Tractor House, Equipment Trader, Machinery Pete, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook groups, and Tractor Page.

Tractor Buying

We have an article on tractor buying that you might want to check out if you’re in the market for a tractor. We go over the ins and outs and make some suggestions about finding used machines as well: Compact Tractor Buying Guide.

What Tractor Would You Buy For $10,000?

Let us know in the comments below which machine you would buy on a $10,000 budget. Maybe your choice will be worthy of adding to this list.

The List:

Let’s get started with the big boys. These farm tractors are all ready to get some serious work done with 100+ horsepower and agriculture in their blood. These are machines that will have surely already seen decades of use on the farm and have the size needed for ag implements and tasks.

J.I. Case 1070

112 Horsepower for $8,850?!

The JI Case 1070 is a 112 horsepower farm tractor that has already been out in the field for nearly 50 years, and there’s no reason to think this reliable workhorse can’t go another 50 years. We found a number of these for less than $10,000 including a 1973 with about 3,500 hours for $8,850. This machine is great if you need a farm tractor with power and weight to take on field tasks. It also makes a great restoration project machine like the one in this video!

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  • Was thinking the John Deere 55 series would make the list. Got my 1994 855 with a 70A loader for $8800 years ago. Found a 6 ft belly mower for another $750. Hydrostat, loader, 4wd, PS. It’s a joy to operate. It replaced a Ferguson TO20 and wish I had done it sooner. A lot of scouring Craigslist for the right deals and had to do some driving to get the package but well worth it !

  • I got a 1952 Ford 8N with a 6′ drag blade for $2,500 CDN We use it for plowing out our driveway in the winter and pulling people around the farm on the hay wagon. I was also able to get a Case / David Brown 885 tractor with a loaferfor $2,300 CDN.. We use it with our bush hog cutting the fields. They may be old, but they are pretty reliable and easy to repair

  • On the Massey make sure the powershift works as reverse doesn’t work in direct drive. I can drive my 2705 forward in direct drive (works okay) but no reverse.

  • Great range of sub $10,000 tractors but I did think there were too many sub-compact and compact types in the list. I do like to see ‘grown up’ tractors and I’m sure there are plenty out there for less than $10k. I have a 1990 Case IH 248 (485) with FEL and relatively low mileage that I bought for $5000. It is still going strong and seems unbreakable!

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