AGCO Introduces All-New 3300 Command Series Corn Head

AGCO_Command_3300_combine_corn_72pdi_09012015AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, is challenging farmers to take command of their harvest with all-new 3300 Command™ Series corn heads. The 3300 Command Series allows farmers to get the most from their AGCO combines while delivering more capacity, harvesting more acres in a day and doing it at faster harvesting rates.

“Farmers are increasing the amount of acres harvested as they continue to rent and purchase more land,” says AGCO brand marketing manager Kevin Bien. “On top of more land, corn yields are increasing across most areas of the US corn belt. This has placed a greater burden on farmers to be able to harvest more acres in a day. This new corn head is completely redesigned to deliver more capacity and faster harvesting rates with reduced header loss relative to both cobs and overall corn loss at the header itself.”

With the 3300 Command Series, operators can look forward to corn heads that can chop both stalk and residue, for a faster breakdown in the field. A faster breakdown means easier fall and spring tillage. The 3300 Command Series utilizes the new roto-molded snouts, allowing crops a smoother feeding transition without butt shelling. The roto-molded snouts are smooth with no sharp edges, resulting in less trash into the feeder, increased capacity, and less ear loss in the field. A larger-diameter, high-capacity auger provides better feeding and transition of material into the feeder house, for more capacity and better crop control.

The 3300 Command Series comes equipped with a new innovative fore/aft adjustment on a corn head tilt feature with a single-acting cylinder and accumulator system that works well with the combine accumulator, allowing the header to float while providing cushion for the header and combine. The 3300 Command Series corn headers accommodate for various tire sizes as well.

The new 3300 Command Series corn heads will come standard with the corn header hood to prevent cobs from going over the top of the header opening. 3300 Command Series corn heads are available in both 8 row and 12 row, as well as non-chopping or chopping.

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