Valtra T4 wins top A’ Design Award 2016

A_Design_Awardx900The Valtra T4 Series has won the highest Platinum A’ Design Award in Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Category. Over 15,000 products from around the world were entered in the international A’ Design Competition this year. The jury was composed of 83 design professionals, academics, journalists and entrepreneurs.

The prestigious Platinum A’ Design Award continues the impressive run of success enjoyed by Valtra’s fourth generation of tractors. Valtra’s N4 and T4 Series have already won the Red Dot Design Award 2016, the Golden Tractor for the Design 2016, Machine of the Year 2015 and Machine of the Year 2016 awards. “The sheer number of awards demonstrates that the success of our products is more than just a fluke. Valtra’s commitment to long-term R&D, in which industrial design plays a major role, has proven to be the right strategy. We genuinely wanted to make the world’s best tractor, one that would help owners create better results in their own businesses,” comments Kimmo Wihinen, Design Manager at Valtra and Chief Designer of the T4 Series.

The design of Valtra’s fourth generation of tractors has been based on customer needs. High-quality and innovative design has had a big impact on ergonomics, usability, reliability, safety and productivity of the new models.

The Platinum A’ Design Award will be presented to Valtra in Italy on 8 June 2016.

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