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RS1000 Magnatrac
Struck RS1000 - Perfect for Small Jobs
Model Year: 2010

I recently purchased a RS1000 off of Ebay. It was MFG in Mar. 2010, has a Honda gx270 engine w/electric start, front hydro HD loader and rear hydro ripper. After about 12 hours on the RS1000, I must say that it has done everything that has been advertised. Is it going to replace even a small Bobcat? No. Will you get ten times or more work out of it vs. one man, a shovel and a wheel barrow? Absolutely! The pushing power is amazing; easily moving a 1000lb. bolder around my lot. The ripper shreds soil allowing you to easily scoop it up with the front end loader. It has positive downward hydraulic pressure on the loader bucket allowing one to easily grade dirt, yards, etc. in prep for sod. I plan on making a "boom" for the rear lift to allow e to skid logs with my log tongs. I will keep all posted as I put more time on it.

Pros: Powerful, price, size.
Cons: No pto, high cost of accessories.

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