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L2600 Kubota
My 4th New Kubota
Model Year: 2001

When we retired, my wife bought a new L2600 for me (pretty sweet surprise). This Kubota is called "Kay" and is always eager to do whatever I ask even if it is more than it was intended to do. Mostly I bush hog and work our 1 acre garden and keep up our farm. The L2600 pumped out, dug out, and even doubled the size of an old pond (it took a long time). The L2600 needs to be 4WD because it runs out of traction long before power. This winter we plan to add a 40ish HP TLB. Our Kubotas are always kept in the shop. Our 2001 L2600, 2007 RTV 900 and our 1983 G3200 were purchased new and I serviced them regularly. They have never been back to the shop. It goes without saying our next tractor will be a new Kubota. Not sure how my wife ended up with a John Deere mower, but I let her keep it in the shop next to the Kubotas just to stay on her sweet side.

Pros: No excuse not to do what needs to be done.
Cons: Wife says since they last forever you don't need a new one.

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