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Anonymous Poster

BOOMERTC25 New Holland
Great Little Machine
Model Year: 2004

This is a great little tractor! I have not had any major issues. Watch the nuts and bolts as they tend to loosen up with use. I have replaced quite a few nuts with lock-nuts. New Holland did not use a lot of lock-nuts on this model for some reason. Also, I recommend mounting a skid plate underneath the exhaust to protect from crushing. The sheet metal on the seat assembly tends to crack from use. I reinforced mine with thicker plate.

Pros: Small and versatile. Great bucket size!
Cons: Lift capacity not as powerful as I would like.

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BOOMERTC25 New Holland
Good Tractor
Model Year: 2008

Good tractor. I use it to mow 2.5 acres with my 60 inch mid mounted mower. I need a 4 wheel drive mower to mow my bank. This thing is a work horse. The upper/rear body/fenders has a crack under the seat. Will the dealer fix this under warranty? I bought it from the original owner. The only other problem I noticed was the parking brake doesn't work. I was thinking about getting a loader for odd jobs around the house and also for plowing snow. Will this work for plowing 2-30 inches of snow? P.S. I love this tractor.

Pros: Workhorse.
Cons: Body crack and parking brake.

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BOOMERTC25 New Holland
Great Little Work Horse
Model Year: 2006

I purchased my TC-25D 4wd new from the dealer. Got it with the HD industrial tires which are still holding up well. Not sure about the purchase date, taking a wild guess here. Overall it has been a great running little tractor for many years now with no major repairs. I got it with a Great Bend loader which has been the best purchase I have ever made. I use it for absolutely everything. I run the tractor and loader pretty hard on our 6 acres all year round. I also purchased the 72" cutting deck and use it to cut 4-5 acres. At times I regret not getting the larger engine that was available at the time of purchase (28 HP & 33 HP). Still, this lil machine has never let me down and I have no regrets. I also picked up a used heavy-duty 8' rear draw blade that I use for dirt, gravel, and snow moving. I have welded an additional 300-400 pounds of steel onto the rear blade for better ground contact. The 3-point handles it W/O issues. Here are a couple of things I wish were better designed: 1. A smoother control for raising and lowering of the rear blade. It is very hard to raise and lower without a very jerky motion. 2. I wish I could raise/lower the rear blade without raising/lowering the cutting deck since they are usually on at the same time. 3. And I wish there was a better way to enable the locking rear-end axle. I can never tell if my foot has depressed the little foot peddle to engage the rear wheels or not. It sits only an inch or so above the sheet metal and telling if it moved is near impossible. Seems they could of made a better way to engage that feature. I have had to replace the steering column tilt adjust mechanism twice and have given up on it. It is expensive and I'm not going for 4. And finally, the weather gasketting for the gauge/instrument panel developed a leak and shows signs of water ingress on very humid/wet days. It's been like that for the last several years which means I better get under the hood and fix that before I rust out some important connections etc. So, yes, it has a few things not perfect IMO but when I compare it to other tractors I see I am still very glad I got the TC-25D. Like I said, I run the heck out of it and it just keeps running. Oh, we got a small 534 JD with a 54" deck for cutting closer around the house and I must say it's like a little tonka-truck toy in comparison. It's so hard when your use to a machine like the TC-25. The JD is build with such thin sheet metal I'm afraid I'm going to break it. The only reason I gave my 25D 4 stars for value was because it was a very expensive package. But, if it keeps running the way it has for the rest of my life it will have ended up a great investment LOL.

Pros: Heavy-duty, with lots of Ford heritage which IMO is a great thing.
Cons: See body of text.

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AK Basilio

BOOMERTC25 New Holland
New Holland TC-25
Model Year: 2000

Aloha, My tractor was purchased in the year 2000 & it has been a very reliable machine. It has the 7308 front end loader and a New Holland tiller. I use it for general utility and vegetable planting. Yesterday though, I was not able to start the tractor. It turns over but does not start. I will have to do some troubleshooting! It is however, a great machine and I love it!

Pros: Economical and reliable.
Cons: None.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC25 New Holland
Small Tractor Replacing the Ford 2N
Model Year: 2001

I have enjoyed this tractor. We had a big snow storm the year I bought it and it hasn't disappointed me since I bought it.

Pros: Maneuverability and always starts fuel economy.
Cons: Ignition switch or glow plugs.

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