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BOOMERTC26DA New Holland
Good but Could Be Better
Model Year: 2007

I love my New Holland. It is my second New Holland tractor and has performed about as expected. My biggest complaint is the transmission and power when using FEL. Without 4x4 or not in low the tractor can't even climb over a 2x4. The same goes for using the FEL. I have to use 4x4 to dig in to get a load of dirt. Even loose loads need Low gear to load up the bucket. Tires don't spin but hydraulics squeal. The last complaint is the front drive shaft has a squeal that has been greased and still squeals. Even with these complaints I do like my tractor. It is one heck of a mowing platform. It mows almost as good as a zero turn unit. I am able to mow 3 acres in about 75 minutes. I am hard on my tractor too. i do not baby it. It has held up well to this and is well built. Would I buy another one? Probably but will be looking hard before next purchase.

Pros: 1. Great build quality. Very well built and built to hold up 2. Never failed to start or run 3. Has done every task I have had it do. 4. Mows like zero turns
Cons: 1. Not enough power for some task (FEL work) 2. Front end squeal 3. High cost of dealer to pickup and deliver for service 4. Loaded tires and needs 4x4 to get out of mudd 5. Hydrostat transmission in high can not even pull itself over a 2x4 6. Seating a little tight

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC26DA New Holland
Model Year: 2006

Very sturdy and reliable. I have filled rear tires and a 450 pound rear weight which helps a lot with stability. Also added teeth to the 54 inch front bucket which makes a huge difference in ripping up brush and digging. A York rake is used frequently to clean our community beach. Only about 300 hours so far but nothing has broken and only routine maintenance.

Pros: Lots of power for its size. FEL works really well.
Cons: Very narrow---only 4 feet wide. A bit scary on side slopes.

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