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5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC45DA New Holland
Model Year: 2007

Seems to be working real good so far.

Pros: Easy on fuel.
Cons: Annoying alarm goes off when disengaging E-brake.

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5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC45DA New Holland
Poor Wiring Connector
Model Year: 2003

Wiring in electrical distribution box behind left side panel is poor. Loose connection in box.

Pros: Controls for operator are accessible, large platform.
Cons: No cons.

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BOOMERTC45DA New Holland
New Holland TC40DA - A Great Tractor
Model Year: 2008

A solid tool---great power, 4WD, and maneuverability. Live in hilly area---had ability to set tires out extremely wide. Always starts and very low maintenance. Have the backhoe attachment and have been able to did out tree roots and build a root cellar without any problems. Post hole digging show the strength of the PTO system. Light enough to load onto trailer single handedly. Highly recommend.

Pros: Nimble, good power, fuel efficient.
Cons: Too much plastic around the wheel wells.

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BOOMERTC45DA New Holland
Little Mule
Model Year: 2005

I gave my tractor 5 stars down the line because she deserves them. Other than being under-powered from the dealer (which was fixed under warranty). They had to reset the injection pump to get the power up. The tractor is a beast. I have the loader on it and using a favor grapple just finished cutting and hauling my logs out of the woods. I use 20 cords a year to heat the house and my workshops so its a lot of wood. When the snow comes, it's my plow truck. In the summer it mows the grass, fertilizes my rye fields, hauls grain and levels the driveway. I have 3 add'l remotes and use them all. Hydraulic top-link is simply the best option out there. I have other tractors but this is the one I go to when I need to get it down now.

Pros: Love the supersteer in the woods, fields and driveway.
Cons: Hate the supersteer around buildings.

5.00 star(s)

BOOMERTC45DA New Holland
I Love My TC45DA
Model Year: 2006

I don't have much to compare it to. My only other tractor experience was a Ford 8N, my TC45DA works great, starts good every time. I used the front end loader to clear my driveway of snow, and I have been starting to use it for plowing in my garden, so far it does everything I have asked of it. I do try to make sure to use the engine block heater when it is cold out, with using that for an hour or 2 it starts great even in weather in single digits. If you don't use it when it's cold, it starts but you can tell its not happy until it gets warmed up.

Pros: Great power, front end loader is useful for so many things.
Cons: Haven't found anything to complain about, it wasn't free?

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