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NH1715 New Holland
New Holland 1715
Model Year: 1997

Have purchased and ran several models of New Holland compacts and when I decided to buy one for myself it was a no brainer. Great little machines, very versatile and stable, and very affordable if you wait and take your time. I have grown up with agriculture in my blood, so when I retired from managing ranches, I had to have a little tractor to putter around with. LOVE IT!

Pros: Dependability.
Cons: Not a hydrostatic.

5.00 star(s)

NH1715 New Holland
New Holland/Ford 1715
Model Year: 1996

Bought the tractor from another owner who had no use for a tractor. Came with 5 attachments which I am working through. It is fairly easy to pickup the operation of the hydraulics and such. Runs great and does the work I need done. It does seem a little light when the bucket is full running downhill.

Pros: Easy to use.
Cons: Could use a little more gross weight at times.

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