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NHT1530 New Holland
New Holland T1530 is Outstanding
Model Year: 2009

Purchased the T1530 (45hp; 12x12 gear transmission; 4wd; 38hp live PTO; f/e loader) for miscellaneous work on 383-acre hobby farm in the rolling GA Piedmont. We don't live there just yet, so it currently only gets used on weekends and vacation visits, but has been "up to snuff" on every task so far. Biggest use is to pull 6-foot rotary mower mowing fields, roads and woody areas. Quick connect bucket and forks used for digging, grading and lifting. Also pulls a box blade. Plenty of power, sturdily built, easy to operate and maintain and very comfortable. Excellent front visibility along the unobstructed hood. F/E loader assembly somewhat trying to attach and detach, so I leave it connected all the time. Great tractor, and I'm just getting started on what I expect will be many years of good service.

Pros: Powerful, comfortable and easily operable.
Cons: Needs toolbox or logical spot to install one.

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5.00 star(s)
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NHT1530 New Holland
Love My New Holland
Model Year: 2013

Purchased to work on hunting land and it is doing everything I need done. From opening beaver dams with the backhoe to building roads in the woods.

Pros: Great power and maneuverability.
Cons: Needs a good tool box.

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