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TC26 New Holland
Model Year: 2006

Love the tractor. I previously had a TZ24DA, but had issues with the hydrostatic drive not having enough pull to back up a moderate hill. Had it in for checks several times and was always told it was up to spec on pressures, etc. Finally got frustrated and asked for a trade in. After 3 years they gave me almost what I paid for it in trade for the TC26. This TC26 has very good drive capacity as well as lift capacity. I'm not sure if they may have boosted the bypass valve pressure to improve it as I have read several comments about the TC26 not having adequate drive. My only complaint is the attaching of the FEL is cumbersome. They need to take a note from John Deere in that area. I do use a weight box to counter the FEL loads. It makes a huge difference in stability and adds traction. I have the 13.5 inch ag tires and they are liquid filled as well. It has great traction for my purposes. I use it in the woods frequently for moving dead trees and for erosion control (fairly steep hillside).

Pros: Size, power, very versatile.
Cons: FEL attachement.

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