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Anonymous Poster

TC26DA New Holland
Model Year: 2006

At first glance this tractor looks nice, good amount of features etc. After using it for a while you will find the hydro system is lacking, as you can hardly steer the unit when something is in the loader. Mine suffered a catastrophic 3 point failure at the 200 hr. mark that I was told by a New Holland Rep was clearly the company's fault, but it was over on the war. period by six months and they don't plan on doing anything about it. Save some money and buy an Orange tractor.

Pros: Looks good.
Cons: Company is less then stellar with customer service and the tractors performance is lacking.

4.00 star(s)

TC26DA New Holland
Six Years Later, I Now Feel Ready to Review
Model Year: 2006

I love this tractor. I have had a couple minor problems, one of the rear tires just came off the rim at about 50 hours sending rim guard all over the place. They replaced that free of charge. The 12 LA loader is a bit tight on the hoses and one got pinched in there and I had to replace. A few extra cable ties seem to have prevented recurrence. It starts in cold weather without a block heater. Cuts grass, moves snow and dirt.

Pros: Nimble, good on fuel, plenty of power for what it was designed to do.
Cons: Could really use a middle range for the HST. Dealer went out of business a year or so after I bought it. Loader could be a little stronger, but it's not any worse than others in this size range.

2.00 star(s)

TC26DA New Holland
New Holland TC26
Model Year: 2007

I brought this tractor to do light work around the house. The 4 wheel drive has all it can do to move the tractor. It has very little traction. I broke the anchor for the backhoe while digging, which New Holland Agreed it was a poor design. I called New Holland with a fuel problem and was told I was doing what they would do to correct it. I find them to be not so helpful.I will not buy this tractor again.

Pros: None.
Cons: Lots.

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