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TC48 New Holland
New Holland TC48DA
Model Year: 2006

Bought this tractor new a few years ago. Although the hours are low I've used it heavily to remove dozens of tree stumps and rocks on my 5 acres. I have the largest loader and backhoe New Holland offered at the time for this machine. My machine is a shuttle shift which I chose because of previous experience with a Ford 1920, and my friends Kubota Hydrostatic. This machine will work hard all day long with a single tank of diesel. The machine is comfortable and much roomier than the Kubotas of this engine size. The loader and backhoe controls are intuitive and fall readily to hand. I'm constantly amazed at what this machine will lift. Just today I was moving a scrap car around my garage with some forks. I've also weighed stumps that I've dug up and taken to the dump at 2200lbs! No leaks, no problems. Runs like a champ and should give many many years of service.

Pros: Fuel consumption, reliablility, cab room
Cons: None

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5.00 star(s)

TC48 New Holland
Model Year: 2005

Has worked great from day one and has plenty of power. I would definitely recommend this tractor to anyone.

Pros: Easy to start & steer
Cons: Dash controls could be better laid out

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5.00 star(s)

TC48 New Holland
Great Macnine for my needs
Model Year: 2004

I purchased the TC48 4x4 with 18 LA Loader after hiring a consultant to look at my farm and future farm needs. With 160 acres hilly and mix of Pine and Scrubb with limited fields I was advised to purchase tractor with low hours 4WD and AG Tires and between 40 and 50 HP. The NH TC 48 4x4 with AG tires I found fit the bill. I have been blown away with the performance so far.

Pros: Versitile and Powerful
Cons: none so far

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5.00 star(s)

TC48 New Holland
So Far So Good
Model Year: 2005

We bought the TC 48 DA for our newly purchased 40 acre plot outside of Marion, AL.This machine has got it's work cut out for it. We have started using it to subsoil, root rake, and disc the heavy clay on our land for planting. We'll also use it for construction when it comes time to built our house. So far, we've bush hogged most of the 20 acres in pasture, and tilled about 1 acre for this falls planting. It's had plenty of power for everything, and has been really easy to learn on.

Pros: Performance, design, ease of use, telescoping 3 pt. hitch, independent pto
Cons: the area surrounding the fuel cap floods and leaks water into the tank. It won't be a problem once we have a barn built.

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