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5.00 star(s)
james cron

TD80D New Holland
Heat Gauge
Model Year: 2007

Need help my heat gauge will not work.

Pros: .
Cons: .

4.00 star(s)

TD80D New Holland
Model Year: 2008

Seem to have problems with hydraulics. Checked level of oil needs to be burped every now and then. Time does not work right makes me wonder about rest of warning lights working. Owners manual not very informative on maintenance how to or where it is. One of the tires failed for no reason.

Pros: Versatile.
Cons: Cheap made? Hydraulics weak. Electronics questionable.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TD80D New Holland
Model Year: 2009

Have been very satisified with the TD-80D. I use it mowing with a 7' bush-hog. I have the loader bale spike (front/rear) and a grapple attachment for the loader. I use the New Holland loader third remote valve kit and it works great. This is my second New Holland I had a 3010S before and went for the TD80 to get 4 wheel drive. The tractor will run a 9' disc-bine in 10th gear. No issues so far, I would recommend it to anyone looking in this HP range.

Pros: Shuttle shift heavy duty tractor.
Cons: Open cab, road speed is only 17mph.

Photo Uploads:

1.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TD80D New Holland
Model Year: 0

This tractor has to be the most unreliable tractor I have ever driven. We are a small farm and use the Td80 for hay cutting and baling. I never know what problem I'm going to have in the field but im garaunteed to have some. Engine overheating, clogged fuel system, hydraulics failure, brakes need to be pumped to work just to name a few of the many problems I've had. Forgot to mention air condition belt broke after 300hrs and dealer struggles to figure out what parts I need. If you need parts for this lemon you better have the serial # ready because tractor # won't get you the right part.

Pros: Mechanic lovers dream
Cons: Unreliable

3.00 star(s)

TD80D New Holland
Purchased New, Felt Like I Repurchased It After The Clutch Went Out
Model Year: 2008

This is a lemon even by New Holland standards, or maybe New Holland does not have standards now. My clutch went out after 460 hours and the dealer would not even replace it due to design failure. It cost me a little over $5000 to get the new clutch put in and then the tractor still does not work properly. It shimmies when running. For the $34,000 I spent on this thing I should have went with John Deere. Granted, it is 7 years old, but it has low hours because it does not work properly and has been at the shop on different occasions. Normally, I use a tractor about 250 hours a year, but this one can't last that long without going to the shop.

Pros: It looks nice
Cons: I could have bought two of these tractors for what the maintenance has cost

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