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TV140 New Holland
Bi-Directional Loader
Model Year: 2006

I use it 99% of the time as a loader tractor. I have added a aftermarket tooth bar to the cutting edge of the bucket. This makes a big difference in the cutting capacity of the loader. It has a 3 pt. on the engine end along with a PTO so it can be used for mowing. I had a 276 with a 3 pt and PTO on the cab. It was a better mowing unit because you could push your mower instead of running over the grass and then trying to pick it up and mow it. The 38" tires on the TV140 together with the added weight have about 3 times the traction as the old 276.

Pros: Best farm loader available.
Cons: It is an expensive loader tractor.

4.00 star(s)

TV140 New Holland
Model Year: 1998

Has had an electrical problem from day 1. Dealer was unable to repair. Kept tractor for over three months one time.

Pros: Versality.
Cons: Lack of horsepower.

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