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TZ22DA New Holland
Great Little Tractor
Model Year: 2008

I had a Case tractor 448 and that was a great tractor to cut my lawn with, but after a few years I wanted something newer and it would have to have a front end loader on it. I checked out Deere, MF and Club but found that this fit my budget and fit my needs. It hasn't let me down and I have done some heavy work with it. It could use a little more power. I'm sorry they stopped making them but still would go with the New Holland again.

Pros: Workhorse never let me down, easy to use 4 wheel drive rear PTO.
Cons: Under powered for a full load.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TZ22DA New Holland
Boomer TZ22DA Just My Opinion
Model Year: 2006

This little tractor does it all and runs effortlessly doing it. if you want a tough little tractor with big tractor guts , this is the one to buy. If you keep oil and all filters changed, this guy will work as long as there is fuel in the tank. I would buy again and again. This tractor makes my mowing jobs a pleasure. It is comfortable, very dependable, powerful, and has a strong deck as well as strong pulling power. The only negative thing for me is that it pulls so much air through the grill (good for cooling) that it will clog up the vents with leaves and dust when cutting in dry dusty conditions. Keep it cleaned with a little whisk broom and there should be no problems. It has been 10 years of ownership and I am still loving my Boomer as much as when I bought it.

Pros: Dependable, tough, strong
Cons: Vents clog up when dusty or leaf season

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