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4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TZ25DA New Holland
Great Little Machine
Model Year: 2006

After several "garden tractors" I bought this New Holland TZ25DA. I could not be happier with this machine. As a homeowner, with 5 acres, the 54" belly mower is efficient, yet not too big to get around trees. The front loader is used year around, including winter snow removal, transport of my wood chipper/shredder, bringing compost wherever it is needed. Don't know how I survived without it (yes, I used a wheel barrel or garden cart). The rough cut mower makes clearing brush easy. I considered a larger model with stronger hydraulics, but the smaller machine is more than adequate, and is much more nimble.

Pros: No problems after 4+ years of service.
Cons: None so far!

4.00 star(s)

TZ25DA New Holland
Starting to Get Annoying
Model Year: 2005

In general it's been a good little tractor. This size was primary selected because my wife wanted to be able to use it to mow and do mulch etc. That part worked out. I would have gone a little bigger and less automatic. The lift capacity of the bucket @ 750 is limiting. Now it's at the 10 year mark (only 300 hours). It's starting to have some electrical problems. I am sure that it's mostly related to all the safety features but it's very frustrating because the thing is very hard to work on (no room to get to anything) and parts are very expensive (granted I don't have much to compare it to).

Pros: Great as riding lawnmower and mulch machine.
Cons: Hard to work on, expensive parts, very limited bucket capacity.

5.00 star(s)

TZ25DA New Holland
Great Quality Machine for Homeowners
Model Year: 2006

It's a garden tractor on steroids. Does heavy duty cleanups, loader is super easy to use, PTO attachments are available and mount quickly.

Pros: Sturdy and reliable.
Cons: Hydraulics are a bit under-powered.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TZ25DA New Holland
Model Year: 2005

I love my little TZ25DA. I have two and a half acres.

Pros: Lots of extra tools, multi-tasker, runs great
Cons: I have had three welds that have broken

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5.00 star(s)

TZ25DA New Holland
Excellent Little Big Tractor
Model Year: 2010

For its size, it is a powerhouse. I have an NH10LA loader, belly mower, and front mount snow blower. It is a powerful tractor for its size and works like a small skid loader. It is great for barnyard work.

Pros: Power and small size
Cons: A bit tippy with heavy bucket loads

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1.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TZ25DA New Holland
I Will Never Buy New Holland Again! TZ25DA Garbage
Model Year: 0

I recently bought one of these that only had 200 hours on it, now I find out why. The thing looks literally brand new minus a minuscule amount of normal wear on the seat (minor crack in seat). Other than that, the tractor looks like every piece and part are spotless. The guy brought it over and it cranked right up, all was good. Then it wasn't. I used it, all seemed good then I parked it for the winter we just had. I went down after it had only sat for a few months, tops. For the life of me, I couldn't get it to start. It had full power to the lights but the glow plug wouldn't light. I walked away for a minute to come back calm and look at it again. It was giving me the symptoms that the machine wasn't in neutral. I had a master mechanic look at it. We rolled it a little back and forth so it appeared to be in neutral. He checked fuses that seemed good but no turnover, no glow plug light , no start. Okay, this sucks big time. I took another break from it for a week, and talked to someone who said it had to be in neutral and just mess with the lever a bit. So I did when I went home last night. Wow, a miracle, it started. I'm happy again, right? Yeah right.. I thought the next morning I was going to be able to get moving the mass amount of gravel I had delivered, Sorry, no! I woke up and went down to it, and as last night it cranked up, good to it wouldn't start. I went down and bought new battery, put it in, wiggled the lever a little bit in, its a miracle again. Okay, you'd think we're good, right? Oh no, we have to start it and pull it out of the garage. I had to get off the tractor seat to close the garage, this worried me, but i felt it was okay. I lowered the bucket, turned the key off ,and that's that, again. If this sounds like the experience you want to have with this tractor, then this one's for you, I would prefer that when corporate decide to go through the insane amount of work and drawing and forging of that amazing piece of equipment that is, yes - truly amazing when it turns - and be so much of a loser as to put sensors all over the machine that fail and fail is beyond my comprehension. I have been a master marble and stone mason for 30 years. When I exercise my skills at someone's home and completely demo their bathroom, every physical inch is crafted better than I would do for myself. So, yes, I don't understand why they make the consumer suffer. Why would anyone do such an amazing job doing all that work to put a great machine together to put sensors made in China that fail is something I will never understand. Now, I have to find a tractor mechanic in this small town which seems to be almost impossible, or I can wench in onto a trailer somehow with the bucket down and shlep it to Tulsa to the dealer that will take me like 20 hours of driving two trips, or better yet, I think I'll push it into my pond and use it as a reef for fish, at least then it will serve some kind of purpose.

Pros: Runs great the 5 percent of the time it does, the other 95 percent it doesn't
Cons: 95 percent of the time it won't start (like new condition)

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