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    Old Tool links

    Was looking for answer to tool question and came across these old links (catalogues in pdf) of different tool manufacturer's. Pretty neat stuff. Rose Antique Tools old tools and history
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    RV with a view...

    Saw this on the side of the road at a used/junk truck dealer. Ouch!
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    Need to update finishing mower

    Bought this mower new in 83 when we purchased our Ford 1300, which was also bought new, but from a different dealer. Mower was about 600.00. It has since had the deck reworked where the bearings go (you can see the metal plates that were used). The skid shoe needs repair and welding back on...
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    BREAKING NEWS!!!!.......

    Or maybe it should read broken news. Went out to clean vines off of pto shaft on mower where they had wrapped around it (don't you hate it when it does that). Well, the bolt that holds pto coupler from mower to shaft was missing. Normally, you have a spring loaded pin thing you push in to...
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    Electric pecan shellers, anybody build one?

    Looks like we have a bumper crop of pecans this year, probably due to all the rain back in the spring. Any body have one, and preferably one you have built, that you would be willing to share pics? I have envisioned a couple of rollers (like conveyor belt roller), and then a drive roller like...
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    Lots of great photos of equipment

    Found this site while looking for trencher info. Lot's of neat photos Construction Equipment: Haulers, Excavators, Loaders, Earth Moving, Concrete, Foundations, Steel Structures, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Civil, Engineering, Workers, Underground, Asphalt, Safety, Trucks, Masonry, Cranes -...
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    Deere strategy

    Was trying to find some info on side mounted trencher/ditcher, and accidently came across this. Interesting read. Italian Farm Machinery USA
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    Fire Dept. access....

    I was reading Eddie's hijacked thread about fire dept. scooping up a scuba diver with helicopter to put out forest fire, and it got me to thinking. If someone's property is on fire (say a wooded area near Eddie, not his property), if there are no hydrants nearby, does the FD have the right to...
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    Home made slope meter...

    for the slope, not the tractor. Take a piece of wood, maybe 2' long, 1x4, stick a piece of stiff wire into side, bend up to be vertical with board. Hang a protractor, (or a paper copy of one) from wire bent over so protractor has curved part hanging down. Support wire should show through...
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    International MXT pickup...WOW!!!

    Saw one of these at a 7-11 on the way home this morning. Makes a Hummer look like a Pinto station wagon. International Truck and Engine Corporation
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    View Top Posters problem

    When I click View Top Posters from the Discussions main page, I get a bunch of smilie info:mad: Did somebody cross up the links?
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    Lost a friend this week

    Lifelong friend passed away from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident about 4 years ago. He was buried today in a little cemetery in the town we grew up in. Pretty impressive rig he used to transport the body. He helps out with a lot of burials on returning Iraq vets. More about his...
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    With the latest recall of toys from China dealing with lead paint, I wonder how many of us have a hazardous tractor (from the components it's made from, not from driver actions)? I think my 49-52 year model Farmall still has the original brakes on it (probably with asbestos), and if it had any...
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    Happy 4th of July, Rosser parade

    Well, when I got off work this morning (I worked last night too), went home and hooked up trailer to tractor, woke up wife and the kids (my son and 2 of his friends) and headed downtown to the parade. Had a good turnout, rain held off till after the start of parade. Good time had by all. Our...
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    Changing engine oil to compensate..

    for lower sulfur fuel. I thought this was an interesting twist, on a 20+ year old tractor no less, that they suggest a different classification oil for the engine rather than suggest a fuel additive...