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    Beware email virus: "muslim in white house" dont open!

    I have been made aware of a new virus and apparently snopes verified it but dont open any email with "black muslim in the white house" has some bad mojo and will wipe out some section of your hard drive leaving your computer inoperative. Be careful folks!
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    King snake taking care of a copperhead

    That's amazing pics and goes to show a person never is done with their education and snakes dont think about how big a meal is before hand! I was fortunate enough to catch a garden snake eating a huge toad by my wood shed. I thought it was a freak of nature until I looked closer and it had a...
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    Today's project - fuel gauge in cap.

    Glad you fixed her up California better to see it if its there! I am still stuck in the stone age I use a stick but hey it works I am used to it! :laughing:
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    Home built hiller

    Ok I did get in and finish the garden and planted corn and beans last nite darn good I did too because we got .40 and some pea hail and its light rain and 39 when I came to work. This is some crazy weather and tonite 28 low which I was aware of so I shut the water down and drained my pvc also...
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    Home built hiller

    I took the time today to add a flattener and get it garden ready I built it so I can lower it down far enough to support the tool bar level when sitting.. It looks like if I don't get in the garden tonite there is 70% chance of rain and snow tomorrow and I would make so much of a mess out of it...
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    Home built hiller

    I have it ready for a test drive I will take it home and play in the garden a bit and bring it back to the shop for repairs or additions. I went out here at the shop to my old potato patch that had weeds etc and hadn't been tilled for a few years and it tore it up pretty good so in tilled dirt...
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    Home built hiller

    I got a break yesterday up until someone stopped by for a few beers but I got the tool bar roughed in so I have the platform to work off of. I will hopefully have more time today to finish at least the hillers and attaching parts. You can see how I marked the old discs with an old rotor that...
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    Home built hiller

    I am still not able to get in my garden since we seem to get moisture on the wknd's (I will take it when I get it) so I thought I would start a thread about the hiller I am starting to build so once I do get in I can post some it works or it doesn't pics and stuff. I will be hilling fresh tilled...
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    Power Beyond from in series plumbing a loader valve on 3810 etc.

    Rather than hijack California's thread where this topic was being discussed I figured I would start a new one. I have been talking about doing this since I first studied the plumbing and thought there is no way this can work properly 3 years ago. My loader was working about so-so is the best I...
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    Do you grow vegetables from seed or starter plants ,What do you grow ?

    We start some every year in our koi pond we set trays out on the bridge it gets lots of early sun and keeps temps up nicely and the water is rich with nutrients. Here is pics of all I could find of some we were just getting started. I dont even know when this was taken or what it was probably...
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    Who rides a motorcycle?

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    Who rides a motorcycle?

    This is my 07 Heritage Softail. I was still riding to work every day with temps in the low 20's up till we got snow a week ago that put an end to riding for awhile.
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    Yanmar KE3

    I see where they are for sale here and there apparently has a 3 cyl and 13hp. Saw an 03 was priced @ $5600 USD. fwtw
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    Mini Yanmar helicopter!

    I ran across this video of an RC Yanmar helicopter with a crop spray rig setup thought you guys would enjoy it. This guy can really fly that little chopper and its an amazing little mini helicopter! :D I wonder if anyone knows anything about it is it really a Yanmar or just badged that way for...
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    Caught an Intruder

    A few of these maybe?