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    What did you do to or on your Mahindra today?

    Yeah I have this sign up at the top of my driveway.
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    Gee I hope Dave is OK

    I hope Dave of Dave's Tractor in Redding CA is OK. As many here know Dave is a frequent contributor here helping many with service related questions. As some may also know Redding is beset with a huge largely uncontolled fire in Redding and the surrounding area and its a real mess there now.
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    OK so what's the drill? How do I get this @#$*&^+ back hoe back on the tractor?

    First time I took it off I put it on the ground and I liked to never got the dayum thing back on. So I built a dolly, twice in fact. I thought I had the geometry figured out and the backhoe deal licked. I went to put the hoe on today to dig some foundation trenches. I thought it was gonna take...
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    Stamped Concrete vs Interlocking Pavers

    Last summer I had some walkways, a front porch and a front patio done in stamped and stained concrete. The front steps were hand carved to look like stone. I'm a big fan of stamped concrete as it's not much more than regular flat work. It's not very complicated as all they do is lay rubber pads...
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    Dreaming of trading in 2538

    Why stop there? I think you should start thinking of a D8 or something along those lines. I'm sure someone out there is making cats with cabs. Here ya go, thisun has a cab.
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    How many owners who bought a tractor in the last 5 years wish they had never bought?

    Yeah but when you own a backhoe you can put up this sign.
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    Forum has become unuseable.

    It's been a few days but today something strange is going on. When I try to read a thread under a folder it keeps jumping back to the first post in the thread. Seems related to the ad server in some way like it jumps when a new ad banner or something comes up. It makes reading the board...
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    California Drought

    You can stand down there if feel safe but I'll stay up here on the hill high above it all. I know how earthen works dams are supposed to work and what too much water does to clay. It's clay and not rocks that is supposed to hold the water back. Rocks are permeable unless it's solid rock and...
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    Bobbed Deuce

    Yeah but when you add all the comm gear it became the MRC (Mark) 108. At least it did in the Air Force. You try that kinda stunt in one of these things and I gaurun tee you'd be on your head before you knew it. Add all this crapola and see just how tipsy it can get. This was forward air...
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    Bobbed Deuce

    I think some were but some were deuce and a halfs. My outfit had a bunch of em and we all called them deuce and a halfs including the motor pool folks. Pretty sold trucks as I recall and they'd run on just about any flammable liquid you could put in the tank diesel, jet fuel, gas. Not hard to...
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    Bobbed Deuce

    Here's my favorite deuce and half. I got to fire one once and it was a real blast. Nothing like the firepower a 20mm Vulcan puts down but it was still a real kick.
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    Lovin my generator today.

    The power went out around 9PM last night and the generator has been running ever since. It sure is nice having one than not. The only reason I'm on today is because the generator is doing it's thing. I have it so automated now that the wife didn't even know the power had gone out last night. All...
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    Hookaroon/Pickaroon recommendation

    I've got the Council tool and I've never had a complaint with it. Comfortable to use and just the right weight. It takes all the stoop and bend out of handling wood. For a Peavey/Cant Hook I have a Woodchuck but I just use it for rolling and jacking logs.
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    Log Splitters

    It's amazing what a Fiskars splitting axe will do with so little weight. It's a whole lot less work swinging a Fiskers as opposed to a sledge or a maul but I leave most of it up to my splitter. Cutting and splitting wood still adds up to work no matter what you have. Even using a chainsaw and...
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    Finally saw the glow plug thing today.

    I was beginning to wonder but it was in the 20's this morning and it finally came on. While that's kinda nippy for this neck of the woods it's a warm day for some parts I guess. I've seen negative 20 when I lived in Cheyenne.