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    Robin Subaru 22hp question

    I have a 22hp Robin Subaru from my PT-422. It was rebuilt before I bought it several years ago. Do you think this motor is good for any other application? I know when I replaced it with a 25hp Kohler I had to cut the shaft on the Kohler. My guess the Robin Subaru was cut as well. The 22 hp...
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    How many buckets equal one yard

    I have a PT-422 with I believe is the regular dirt bucket. How many of these full buckets is equivalent to one yard? Thanks Frank
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    Black Widow Spiders

    While moving firewood into my basement yesterday, I came across some healthy Black Widows living in my wood pile. Any known way to get rid of these unwanted spiders? Thanks Frank Happy Thanksgiving to All!
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    Loose wheel / hub on PT-422

    I was moving a couple cords of wood yesterday and noticed my front left wheel with a wobble. It appears the hub is loose. I just replaced the hubs less than 20 hours ago. Any idea what I may have done wrong the last time I changed them to have one go again. Thanks Frank
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    Tubes vs Tubeless

    What are the pros and cons to using innertubes in your tires versus tubeless? I put a new tire on an old wheel and now have a slow leak. I have taken it off and clean and light sanded the wheel. Looks like I will put a tube in it and be done with it. Frank
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    Stump Grinder for PT-425

    Hi, I have read oodles of posts on various stump grinder threads. Was hoping to see a video of one in action. The problem I am having with mine is that if I put the least amount of pressure on the blade to the stump it (the blade) will stop immediately. The rotation on the blade is spinning...
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    Wheel Hubs

    Less than a year ago, I replaced all my wheel hubs. The other day, while driving in reverse I noticed a clunking noise. No noise while driving forward. Brought it in the garage and jacked the rear end up. Wiggled the left rear wheel, unbelievable amount of play. Took off the wheel. I...
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    Saw a Power Trac PT-425 today

    While driving through Woodstown NJ today, I saw someone trailering a PT-425. It is the first time I have seen one other than my 422 and another I looked at in Maryland. I wish they were more common.
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    Lifting height 422 vs 425

    The 425 has eight more inches in lifting height than the 422. What is different between the two? Is it in the cylinders? Do they have the same FEL? I could use a few more inches on my 422. Thanks Frank
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    Question about bolts from engine to engine stand

    I noticed a vibration coming from my engine. Shut it down. Let it cool off. Shook the engine and noticed it was loose. Checked the four bolts from the engine to the stand and all four were loose. I retighten all four, but am not sure if they are the right bolts. Called Terry at Power Trac...
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    Mounting weight to back end of 422

    Looking to mount weight to the back end of my PT-422 to help keep it grounded when lifting with the bucket or forks. Have any of you did this before? Pictures please! Thanks Frank
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    Gas in my oil

    Couple months ago I installed new 25hp Kohler in my 422. My Dad was in a very serious car accident 2 months ago so the tractor has been parked since then. I leave the hood up when I am not using the tractor. I noticed gas level dropping a little. I have a valve under the gas tank and before...
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    Lubing 422

    Not all of the areas that call for lubing on my 422 have grease fittings. What is the best way to lube with out fittings?
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    Swapping Robin out with Kohler today

    Cut the shaft today. Surprisingly very easy with hack saw and new blade. I took my time. It took about 20 minutes. Happy with the way it turned out.
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    Swapping Robin out with Kohler today

    I bought a set of Crow Feet from Sears today. It won't budge! I have very little room. Afraid I am going to break off the nipple on the tank. It is the bottom hose closest to the tub wall.