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    Dog pics

    She's too busy napping, on my lap in the house now. Just the way we both like it!
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    Dog pics

    I won't admit that the recliner is pointed at a tv hooked up to a Roku unit (mostly old westerns). Dottie really prefers that I'm between her & the chair!
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    Dog pics

    Dottie in "her" recliner in the shop:
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    Do homeowners buy snowplows to plow their own properties?

    Right after I bought my slightly used 2016-025R I picked up a slightly used Frontier loader mounted blade for it:
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    What was the best dog you've had?

    The one that has me now: Dottie, our 4th Dal!
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    How did your knee replacement go?

    I had my right knee replaced in the spring of 2019, the left one a week before Christmas of 2019. I had more swelling & discoloration on the second one. Mine were worn out, bone on bone with a small hole worn in the left one. Physical therapy is a must as far as I'm concerned, even had the...
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    Honey Locust Tree

    Tordon RTU for stump killing!
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    Prostate cancer

    I had surgery for PC 18 years ago at 52, along with hormone implant. Side effects of the implant weren't worth it, had that removed at proper time & not replaced. In my case, I feel like the implant was just a moneymaker for the Urologist, changed over to an Oncologist after the implant was...
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    Looking to buy my first JD

    I bought a new (leftover) 2018 - X580 w/54" deck last summer, very happy with it!
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    What kind of vintage car do you wish you had?

    53-56 Ford pickup!
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    2016- 2025R w/5' Frontier blade:
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    My 2016-2025R with H130 loader & 5' Frontier blade:
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    Dog pics

    Dottie in "her" recliner in the shop:
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    3-Point Hitch Trailer Mover

    I built my own multi-use hitch, had to remodel it a bit to fit the quick hitch:
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    Collectible tractors?

    I started out with JD two-cylinders, a 1958-520 & the 1958- 720D ES hat I grew up on. Then started collecting JD lawn & garden tractors until I found my 1953 JD-40S. Next came the 1980-Power King 2418, then the 1961 Cub Lo-Boy: Lastly was the 1944 JD "LA", then the 1948 AC "G": Still...