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    Warranty Question and Thought?

    Dealers don’t make that call. OEMs do. We do the work and submit the claim. The OEMs accept or reject the claim. It not uncommon for us to have to submit a claim more than once to get approved. If dealers made the call, NO warranty claim would be denied! Scratched hood? No problem I’ll give you...
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    Double drum vibratory roller

    The wackers larger than the RD12 are rebranded Hamm units. Hamm, Bomag, and Sakai are top contenders. CAT not so much. Not much to check. The most common issues revolve around the water systems. Tanks and lines cracked if not winterized in the north. Leaks, bad electric water pumps, clogged...
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    New CK3510SE HC on the way

    Just and FYI, Ags are over 64” if they are set on the widest setting.
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    Out with the old Blue, in with the new Orange CK2610HST

    I can take a pic tomorrow, but I have R1s set WIDE. Outside width is between 62” and 64”. They are about 1” or 2” wider than my 60” rotary cutter. The fronts are about the same width as well. I have a 3510SE. It’s a billy goat and mud monster. Much better than my old Deere 4400 with R4s...
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    Mowing Bush hog for 3510

    Finn, I just received my 3510 yesterday. I bought a 5’ due to my topography. Some of my hills are rather sketchy. I’d rather not have the extra weight pulling me around. I put 8 hours on it mowing grass that was nearly as tall as my hood. I had to be in low and take 2 passes to get a clean...
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    Buying Advice The deed is done.....

    After years of agonizing and “making due”, I finally pulled the trigger on a ck3510se. We have around 20 acres in Western PA. Primary tractor duties are mowing 5-6 acres of horse pasture and around the edges of the hay field. Also got a third function with grapple to clean up continually...
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    Another, what size question. 14 Acres in hilly western PA.

    Primarily used for brushhogging around the perimeter of hayfields, and knocking down the weeds in a couple of horse pastures. Our driveway is probably 1/3 of a mile. We'd use it for light driveway maintenance (pulling a drag, moving a bucket or two of gravel). I get started looking at 25 hp...
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    5 acres worth it to offer for haying?

    I have a 7 acre hayfield. My neighbor cuts it for his cows. He does everything. He’ll square bale a couple hundred for my wife’s horses or will give us square from another field. Affords us a beautiful view with little work. I simply brush hog the edges.
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    CUT vs CTL

    If money was no object, two words - "tracked" "teleskid". Although not a bogey style undercarriage, you get the reach of a telehandler with the low ground pressure of a tracked machine. They're awesome (I'm a bit biased)
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    3-Point Hitch T1530 3 point parts

    I have an opportunity to get a great deal on a T1530 set up with a Bradco backhoe. I really don't need the backhoe, but it's a great deal. I know this is a "basic" tractor and it doesn't look like they were produced very long. I have two questions 1. Who manufactured the T1530? 2. Where...
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    Opinions requested on 2 used options

    I have the opportunity to choose between two machines and would like some opinions. We have about 30 acres but my neighbor does the heavy farm work. Tractor is used for mowing (rotary cutter) the edges of the hayfields. Will probably add a brush grapple to help with that fight. We also have...
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    Where to find a loader for a Deere 4400

    I have the opportunity to get a smokin deal on a Deere 4400. Tractor has just about 100 hours on it. Still has the original plastic on the seat. Any recommendations on where to find a loader? Any reasonable aftermarket brands? The tractor already has a loader valve. I just need the loader.
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    Help with rtv500 LEDs and wiring

    Adding new LEDs to our rtv 500. Got evening figured out, but one item. Where to I pick up 12v for the switch? I don't really want to use the oem headlight switch as it want to use my LEDs without having to power my headlights when plowing. Any ideas? And yes, I'm using a relay to power the...
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    Yet another, "Which tractor should I buy" thread. Thanks in advance....

    Last year we moved to a 34 acre hobby farm. Much of the 34 acres is wooded, with about 2/3 of an acre of finished lawn and maybe 12 acres of pasture and hayfields. My neighbor takes care of the hay, so no heavy tractor work required. My four sons take care of the lawn with a push mower and a...