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    Kubota L39 neutral switch

    Hi TBN friends. My Kubota L39 will go into neutral but the neutral light will not come on and I have to find the "sweet spot" for the starter to engage. I would guess this has to do with the transmission safety switch either gong bad or some adjustment. Can anyone offer suggestions as to its...
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    L39 neutral safety switch

    Hi Friends, I haven't been posting much lately though I've been on the forum for years. I have a problem with my Kubota L39 and this is the first place I would look for suggestions. My tractor will go into neutral but the neutral light does not show and I have to catch a "sweet spot" for the...
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    Stuck Quik-Tach Pins

    The quick attach system on my Kubota loader is the BobCat Quik-Tach type of system where levers engage pins that attach an implement to the loader frame. Well I have not dropped the bucket in a good while and I can't get the pins to disengage. I have been soaking them with PB Blaster for the...
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    Any tricks to find an underground water leak?

    I have county water at my place that runs about 800' feet of 1" PVC from the main to my house. Somewhere along the way I have developed a leak. My water bill makes that obvious. We have had rain off and on for the last few weeks so it has been impossible to find any wet areas that stand out...
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    Cost for cylinder rebuild

    Hi all, hoping you hydraulic guys can help me with a guess on what to expect to pay for a cylinder rebuild. The cylinder is 3 1/2 x 24" on a log splitter. It is what I think is called a "tie rod" cylinder, the type with long bolts on the exterior holding the front cap on. The cylinder is...
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    Posting Observation

    I have notice that when doing a "quick reply" that it is taking much longer for it to post and I have ended up with double posts several time. I don't believe I am doing anything different so I thought I would mention it in case there is a problem. MarkV
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    Verizon 4G Mobile Hotspot

    We are rural enough that our Verizon wireless modem has been our form of internet connection for the last few years. My wife is interested in adding another computer so we are looking at the Mobile Hotspot from Verizon. Was wondering if anyone here has had an experience with them that is good...
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    Rural Road Names.

    Anyone have interesting or funny rural road names in your area? We have been traveling the county lately looking at examples of the work some local loggers do as we select someone to log a timber stand my MIL owns. A couple that have made me smile are "BOOGER HOLLOW RD." and "BOOZE MOUNTAIN...
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    A Question About DEER.

    We live on 32 acres of mostly wooded land in NW Georgia. Seeing deer, not the tractor type, is common around our place and something we enjoy. Normally they will take off when the wife is walking the trails with the dogs but not today. There was a small doe, from what the wife says, that our...
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    New Member Introductions question

    Muhammad I have noticed that many new members introduce themselves as well as pose a question in their introduction that is more appropriate in another forum. With the thousands of threads to read on TBN not all of us have the chance to address every new member question. I am wondering if a...
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    Spreader atv lime spreader

    Does it have an auger system or is it just gravity feed? MarkV
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    Heat Pump shopping

    The heat and air system in our house is 37 years old so it is time to go shopping. What kind of questions should I be asking as I look at proposals and estimates? I hope some of our HVAC professionals will jump in as well as you that have done research in the past. The house is all electric...
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    Rheostat Question

    Happy New Year everyone. I have a fireplace insert with a built in blower that is controlled by a rheostat. What I would like is for the blower to run at about half the speed of its current lowest setting. Can I add another plug in rheostat at the wall socket to reduce the fan speed? Are...
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    Fence Specification Help

    Hi all, I need some help. A logging crew working next to my MIL's property removed 660' of fence during their logging operation. Unfortunately we have not been able to resolve the issue over the last four months and it now looks as if we will are going to court. I am hoping someone has a...
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    Wait 30 sec's for post

    I am finding that 1 out of 3 or 4 posts I get a message that says I have to wait 30 seconds between posts. The problem is I am just hitting the "submit post" on "quick reply" and doing one post when the message kicks up. If I use the back arrow the post is there. MarkV