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    Contemplating Career Change

    Well, I'm on my 3rd career, and contemplating starting over (again).. I left my first career as a fabricator partly because I couldn't make enough to support my family. And partly because my back gave out, and the Dr. suggested I find something easier on the body. I did security work for a...
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    Anybody pour a retaining wall in vertical sections?

    In back of my garage I have a bunch of gravel and fill to level the slope the slab sits on. We would like to use that area as a patio, and wrap it around to the breezeway entrance. The wall would be at least 3' tall, and what ever needs to be below grade. This will support a sectional slab on...
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    Fixed my stability problem....

    After 2 years of being cautious with my tippy 1533, I finally had a wake up call... I was moving a bucket load of dirt about 3 feet off the ground, I backed around a gentle slope, and one of the rear tires came off the ground... PUCKER!!!!! Enough messin around!
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    Recently a gentleman was asking about putting in a salvaged 3ph. motor starter for his single phase shop. It quickly became apparent he needed some help, but was not willing to get professional help. He wanted to learn it on his own. 51-year-old Fairmount man electrocuted working on power to...
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    As we speak...

    Momma is moving landscape stone all by her lonesome.. Pretty proud!
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    Meteor blower breaking plenty of shear pins... WHY?

    I had a 60" Puma I bought used from a fella here, and used it for about 8 years without issues. The only time I would break a grade 2 pin is if I got a little greedy and pushed too hard. I sold that with the tractor and bought a 1533, and a hardly used year old Meteor 60", had just a scratch or...
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    Frozen throttle cable

    Mornin everyone, -3F here... My throttle cable must have some water in it, and sticks until the engine warms it up. Any suggestions on getting it out? WD-40? Thanks! Mike
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    Is there any interest in a Electrical education thread?

    Spyderlk, you are correct... I had to look it up and I learn't something... thank-you! The new breakers are indeed labeled for parallel conductors! BUT you shouldn't on the old style! If you look closely, it is marked 2 conductor copper, 1 for aluminum. I would check out the code before...
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    Is there any interest in a Electrical education thread?

    I was thinking about an informal information thread to help the average homeowner better understand the day to day things that they might encounter and stay safe...
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    Strange noise in rear end after fluid change 1533.

    Took the Hoe off and did the first fluid change. Followed the instructions, removed and drained 5 points, changed both filters, and refilled with Mahindra fluid. Ran for a couple of minutes to ensure filters full, checked level again... all good. Went behind tractor while idling, and nothing...
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    initial 50 hour oil change question...

    I have a 1533, does this model have a hydraulic suction filter screen? if so where is it, and how hard to get it out? I have a backhoe on it...going to wait a bit to change the hydraulic filter so I don't have to keep taking the hoe off and on.. Thanks, Mike
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    What is your greatest DIY accomplishment?

    My wife and I decided to build a log home some years ago. We originally planned to hire it all out, but after the shell was up, many of the contractors that quoted prices for us to get financing doubled the estimate.. Since we didn't have the funds to pay that, we hopped on the internet and...
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    Mahindra backhoe 1538B

    Does anyone know who makes them for Mahindra?, I'm looking at purchasing a thumb... Thanks, Mike
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    1538B backhoe

    Does anyone know who makes these? I am looking into a thumb, and pricing .... Thanks! Mike
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    Movin South... Silly yankee questions...

    We are likely going to be moving to the Miss, Louisiana, Ark. area. Some questions... Our Sheppard has never encountered a poisonous snake. Is there any danger to him, or will he have the instinct to be more cautious.... I put my hunting boots in the garage for long periods. Is there a...