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    S650G serial number lookup?

    Just acquired a S650G as part of a barter deal. Not running, wiring harness is a disaster, missing the distributor. Engine is loose and tractor is otherwise in decent condition, so I'm going to try to get it running. Couple of questions: 1. Is there a serial number list that I can cross to...
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    Maine Parting out 1956 JD 420C Crawler

    Good engine, sheet metal, gas tank, radiator which I think are also compatible with 420/430 wheel tractors. Many crawler-specific parts. Email me at pfoxyATyahooDOTcom for a list with prices and/or pictures. Offers considered on any purchase. Delivery possible within a 300 mile radius of...
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    I'm probably gonna regret this, but I bought a 420C

    Elderly friend of mine has a 420C that needs some transmission work and offered it to me at a VERY attractive price. I'm familiar with working on older tractors in general but never a crawler. According to him, it needs a bearing but other than that is ready to work. I have no reason to...
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    3 point hitch string trimmer, Mark II

    I posted a topic on the original version here. The right angle drive I used was VERY used when I got it and didn't like being run upside down, probably due to lube issues. In any event, it failed catastrophically. I decided to resurrect the project this Spring and got a 30 hp-rated brush hog...
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    REMAN Yanmar engine for JD 455

    Looking for a source for a 3/4 remanufactured Yanmar 3tna72uj3 engine for a JD 455. May also be known as a "long block". What I'd like to do is just drop the new engine in and swap manifolds/starter/water pump etc. off the old engine.
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    Does anybody make a 25 HP compact with cab and gear transmission?

    I'm rapidly getting fed up with problems related to HST transmissions and thinking about trading. A factory cab is a must, a gear shift transmission is a must, a non-DPF/Regen engine is highly desirable. Pretty brand flexible as long as there's dealer support and it isn't a Chinese orphan.
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    TIG Torch Question

    I'm gathering components to try my hand at TIG welding aluminum. I've been TIGing mild and stainless steel for a while so I'm not a complete newbie, but... So I ordered the appropriate 1/8 diameter 2% ceriated tungstens and collets, along with some Al TIG rod and new stainless steel wire...
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    Santa has spies in my shop!

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    Home built 2x72 belt grinder

    I realize this forum is intended primarily for tractor-related implements and attachments. However, many/most of the projects here are built from steel and steel fabrication requires grinding so there IS a connection. :D I had to buy a piece of 25mm shaft (McMaster-Carr), four 3x3.25 load...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Getting Ready

    I've been planning to do this for a couple of years now. Between a gravel drive and town/state salted roads, I was getting quite a bit of surface rust on my Pronovost Puma 64 blower. I was hoping to take the impeller off but not really counting on it as they're usually corroded in place to the...
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    Branson 6530 - Won't move

    Neighbor has a 6530. Ran it low enough on transmission/hydraulic fluid that it shut down. Topped off the fluid and waited a couple hours for the level to settle and the air to work out, fired it up and the loader, 3 point hitch and PTO all work, but it won't move. Acts like the clutch is...
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    Dump Trailer - Scissors Hoist - Plans?

    I have a dump trailer that I built using what I had laying around. It's okay, but it won't lift much because the cylinder is too small, it's direct lift and the geometry is less than optimal. I want to build my own scissors hoist and go with a shorter stroke but much larger diameter cylinder...
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    Tire size conversion

    I did a short search and didn't see an applicable thread, so sorry if this has been asked a million times before... It's time to shell out for a couple of new tires for my ancient Pasquali tractor. Old tires are marked as 6.50-16. They're R1/Ag tires. I can find 6x16 or 7x16 fairly...
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    Goldberg's the name...Rube Goldberg...

    I've been wanting a way to trim ditches and under trees. Sicklebar and disc mowers are just stupid expensive and it doesn't make any sense to spend four or five grand on something you'll use for 2 hours twice a year, if that. They sell a commercial version of a 3 point hitch mounted string...
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    If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was getting old...

    Seems like this picture was taken just a couple of months ago. The little guy on the tractor is my grandson and he just bought his first house and a new tractor to go with it. JD 3025E with a loader. Where the heck did the time go? Great-grandsons on Dad's new toy.