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    Cub Cadet 1042 w/18hp courage

    I have a Cub 1042i which is running great but some how the two exhaust bolts can completely out. I have search the net for what size these bolts are and come up empty. It's a Kohler Courage 18 SV540S-0020. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Vintage z-145 ID tag

    Hello folks, I’ve been away from this forum for quite some time. I restored a z-145 1965 135. One of the details damaged was the ID tag. I had several of these reproduced because no else had any. They turned out great. If anyone is interested in one of these. Message me. Attached is a picture...
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    Cub cadet i1042 mower deck exchange

    Hey all. I just bought a near new i1042 zero turn which has the infamous timed blades it cuts smooth as glass but the reputation of breaking belts worries me. I almost bought one that the guy swapped the timed deck for a MTD 42" standard deck. Anyone here heard of this done?
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    Anyone have a Yamaha Terrapro?

    Hello Terry. Just remember the PTO is rated a 10hp which simply means it will not cut down anything bigger than a 1/2. It will do great on saw briars and tall grass and young sapplings. Keep those rear wheels greased to avoid them seizing up and making turns difficult. I've totally restored my...
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    MF TO35 with Z134 falls flat after engine heats up

    Does your exhaust manifold have a heat shield on it. The heat shield uses the same studs and mounts on the exhaust/intake manifold. It's a real b!tch to take off and put back on. So when a leak in the manifold occurs, it seems many throw the shield away. I bought one at a tractor salvage years...
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    Spark Plug Access?

    The Perkins both gas and diesel open on opposite sides (hood) if the plugs are behind the side logo you have have to partially remove the sheet metal in one piece and tilt it forward to access the plugs. Never done a Perkins gas. But if the plugs are mounted higher than the Continental then that...
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    ipad app gone bonkers

    Using a iPad Air 128Gb Newest OS. Press the login button and that area of the screen goes black and you can't see what your typeing while logging in. Anyone else experience this? I could however login. I just typed my screen name hit enter, the typed my password and hit enter again. But you...
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    Spark Plug Access?

    The way I see it you will need a stepladder setup on the exhaust side. Open your hood and feel for the rubber boot. Pull it off and use a socket to loosen and install new plugs. That's the way I would do it. OR you could remove the side plate bolts and loosen the two front securing bolts...
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    67 Massey Ferguson 135 Diesel restore

    I found that my right brake pedalis slightly bent where the locking pin won't mate up. My question is. It it made of cast. Can it be heated to be bent back into shape?
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    Paint scheme for 135 late 60's

    How about these.
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    Anyone using Straighttalk phones

    Got tired of Verizon's ever escalating prices and looked for a feasible alternative. I decided to go with Straighttalk. Fortunately my area is only good for Verizon towers. So the transistion was somewhat painless porting over into a ST phone. Just keep in mind you neeed to exercise patience...
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    Thinking of adding another tractor to my stable

    I saw a Ford 1600 that looked to be in decent shape for sale on Craigslist near me. They where asking $3100 for it. The ad stated it was a diesel. Can anyone tell me what to look for when I go check it out? Here's the link with pictures. -kid 1600 FORD DIECEL TRACTOR
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    Stepper Motors a closer look

    Todays electronics are so much more than when I was a kid. Everything now is electronic. Let's take the speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, volts, etc. In modern tractors these little critters may exist behind that pretty instrument cluster facing. So what is a stepper motor? In a since, it's a...
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    Sunny day to get the twins out for a spin

    I couldn't resist getting the Terrapro's out totday. Temp here in Tenessee around 60 to 62 degrees with a cloudless day. Ohh it will change. It's Tennessee. Here's a few pics I took of them. -kid
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    Ice Storm pics in Tennessee 12-07-13

    We recently survived a ice storm that passed thru our area. We where right on the border from moderate to extreme ice. Certain areas of our county lost power due to tree damage falling on the power lines. Here are a few pictures. This is nothing like the storm of February of 1994 which pretty...