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    Logging winch design

    I have a tajfun 10000 lb pull hydraulic powered by PTO it is fast about a foot every two seconds
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    Kubota front loader thumb DIY

    Heres one I built a few years ago before I got a factory grapple I had to beef up the top of the bucket where it mounted
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    Advice on building a tractor shed?

    If you go with trusses I would go with a ceiling on the bottom side of the trusses .if you dont whatever is parked in there will be covered in bird poop
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    Splitters and Wood, show your pics!

    Heres my setup
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    Bush Hog BH25 yokes breaking

    I had a six foot international brushhog that did the same thing but not as often I took them off and use one half inch chain down the center to the rear of the brushhog been problem free for fifteen years
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    I have a kubota with a grapple I run 2 hoses back to the remotes on the year.i close the grapple then shut off the tractor then work the hydraulic lever back and forth a couple times then unplug them.never once had a problem plugging them back in
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    Autumn olive and multiflora rose puller

    I started spraying the multiflora rose with round up .that stuff is horrible it will take over your whole place if left unchecked
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    Mahindra 3375 Mechanical Thumb

    This isn't the best pic but I made one out of half inch x2 inch steel made some points to penetrate the log.i first made it mechanical but wasn't happy with it some logs were impossible to pick up so I added a farm implement cylinder works so much better. But I don't know if you would have a...
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    Bushhog Brand Loader Quick Attach

    I have a kubota i just went to the dealer and bought the quick attach that fits on my loader arms for five hundred bucks i don't understand why you dont go to brushhog dealer and get what you need and be done with it.
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    Chain Saw Mount

    That's a great idea good job installing it looks really nice
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    New tie rods

    How tight should the nut be on new tie rod ends .they have castle nuts .thanks
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    converting 3pt splitter to pull behind

    I did just the opposite i left mine pull type but took all the hydraulics and motor off and now run it off my tractor. I built this in 1985 from mostly stuff i scavenged i can split a 8 ft fence post by unbolting the wedge and rebolting it out to the end shes not pretty but been working for 36...
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    Cut 10ac with finish mower - Advice Requested

    I agree with others your going to smoke the belts on your mower. Probably be cheaper to hire it done. By the time you would get it mowed it would be time to start all over again
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    Yes its a metal pipe and no it doesn't dull my chain being round the teeth really doesn't come in close contact with the sides.i have 4 different stihl chainsaws i carry like that with no issues of leaking fuel thru the breather been doing it close to ten years