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    What works against rodents

    Hood up, motion detecting lights on engine bay. That's all I've found to stop them on my tractor.
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    Fuel tank issue

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    Fuel tank issue

    JB weld will work. I had a leak on my rx6010c. I pumped the fuel out and dropped the left side tank. Clean it well and let the jb weld cure overnight. Once it was reinstalled, I filled the tank and fired up. No priming was necessary.
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    Crap: Diesel fuel tank leak

    Use a wheel balancing weight. Lead is best. Hold the lead against the hole and tap with a hammer until the lead is "pinched in two". This will drive lead into the pinhole and seal it. We patch holes in power transformers this way.
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    Question for the electric utility/line crews.

    The line on the left is the source. On the right is the load tap. The can is a breaker, or recloser, more commonly. The red arrows point to a fuse holder and its fusible link. The fuse assembly is for repair or replacement of the breaker. A bypass, in layman's terms.
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    What was the best dog you've had?

    Tough call. I had a pair of border collies as a teenager. They were an awesome team. They had my back a few times. In the early '90s, Dixie was an all around top hand for the family and farm. She was obviously a German shepherd/yellow lab mix. Now, I've got Mocha. She's a Catahoula. Smarter...
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    Canopy rather than Cab

    To each, his own. I learned to drive on a MF 35. Graduated to Case 730, IH 806, then the cabs, the the JD 4020, the Case 1175, then 2390. If the AC works, nothing beats a cab. If it ain't working, nothing is worse. That JD ate a lot of GM compressors. Those Case ate their share of Ford...
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    Rethinking rotary cutter sizing

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    We need these creatures.
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    2 Bottom Plow - Category 1

    Try here. If you're not too far west. Dropped pin
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    Texas Man, 70, killed by bee swarm while mowing

    Close to home.
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    Power Line to my house was broken

    Gotta be CT metering in that cabinet at that ampacity. Maybe the neutral being broken could make a CT read incorrectly. Been a while since I studied metering. Anyway, being a single phase primary line, the neutral should carry return current to the distribution substation. Whoever repairs that...
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    Your Internet went down? I wonder what caused it?

    You pretty much covered it. The trailer being a controlled environment is more for the comfort of the splice crew now days. Plus, they don't have to stop for precipitation. The new fusion splicing equipment is easy as ordering from Amazon now. A couple of true cuts, and it's all on screen and...
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    One of our bucks

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    Cool Nature Photos