1. Balazar

    Do I need to use TYM oem filters from my dealer?

    I was looking at filters for the 50 hour service on my new T574HC at the dealer and they are pretty steep in price. Do I need to use their filters to maintain my warranty? Can I cross reference and use any high quality filter?
  2. joshlee

    PT filters

    There’s definitely something to be said about that test you ran on your intake. That’s very interesting, and I’ll keep that in mind. From what I’ve seen by pictures, the air filter on the 1430 is not as complex as for the 1445 and 1460. One of the reasons why I hate paying such a high price for...
  3. D

    Question about return filters

    Just got my ht-18 on Tuesday and before I put too many hours on it I want to add a return filter and change out the mystery oil that came with it. What pressure relief do I get with the filter housing? and what micron filter?
  4. Y

    kioti hydraulic filters

    I have two kioti hydraulic oil filters T4125-38021 , unopened and still in bags ... The dealer sold me these and they were incorrect for my model kioti tractor, I didn't know until maintenance time. The dealer is 1100 miles away and hasn't responded to my request for exchanges
  5. T

    Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline tractor, Changing fuel and oil filters?

    Hello Tractor friends. I just bought a 2022 Deutz-Fahr Deluxe cab, loader tractor for @30K with only 325HRS perfect shape, extra front hydraulics. I want to change the oil and cannot find any oil or fuel filter part numbers. I was hoping someone has the same Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline and could...
  6. H

    code problems

    I have a L S XU 6168 its a 2019 with 230 hours it has two codes F11 F31 i put two new fuel filters on it still has the codes no throttle lever or pedal however it run great it will move you just cant give it throttle PS were can i get a code reader for this tractor Any help would be...
  7. KilroyJC

    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    I would like to change the hydraulic filter on a 1962 Case 430 with the 188ci Diesel, manual clutch/transmission, manual steering, single control for attachment up/down, I can only read the first two numbers on the Wix filter “31?” The rest are obliterated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!