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Feb 22, 2024
L S UX 6168
I have a L S XU 6168 its a 2019 with 230 hours it has two codes F11 F31 i put two new fuel filters on it still has the codes no throttle lever or pedal however it run great it will move you just cant give it throttle PS were can i get a code reader for this tractor Any help would be appreciated thank
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My 2018 XG has a standard ODB2 connector under the right side of the dash, and my ODB reader can pull and reset codes. No idea if it can do all but so far so good. YMMV
Every F code should have an S code with it to narrow it down but the actual fault is best identified with the P code that requires a reader
s1079 F11 (P0641) - ECU Internal 5V Supply 1 fault (55.640)
s1180 F31 (P0544) - Exhaust Manifold temp fault

I do not have XU manual and are from my docs, codes are likely to be similar between models.